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Bass upgrade over the Creative EP-630

  1. QuakeFX
    I've been using the Creative EP-630 for years and since I'm not a hi-fi expert, I was pretty satisfied with the sound they produced and to be honest, they are just the greatest bang-for-buck IEMs. Now that I have a bit more money to spend I want to upgrade my IEMs. I listen primairly to Dubstep, DnB, Reggae and sometimes a bit of House/Psytrance. Prettty much bass-heavy genres. I know there is a significant difference between bass quality and bass quantity, but I was already happy with the ''quality'' the EP-630s offer, and even though I would like to experience better quality, I'm leaning more towards quantity. I would like those in-ears to litterally shake my head haha. My budget is around 50 euros but I can stretch if the price is justified
    I've done some research and I came up with these in-ears:
    -Hippo Boom
    -Hippo VB
    -Brainwavz M2
    -Monster Turbines
    From my understanding, all of these offer great sound at the lower frequencies but what I really want is for them to offer more bass than my EP-630. Brainwavz M2 for example offer really good bass from what I've read, but not necessarily more. I'm not familiar with these IEMs but if you have any advice or maybe experience than I would be very glad to know.
  2. QuakeFX
  3. QuakeFX
    OK I narrowed my choice to these 2, the Hippo BOOM and Hippo VB. I don't care about the price difference, if the price of the VB is justified. But what I'm more in doubt about is that the VB is said to have less mid-bass but more sub-bass, whereas the BOOM has more allround boomy-bass, although still controlled.
    I'm leaning towards the BOOM because they are smaller plugs, but ultimately I want to know what is better for Dubstep, Drum 'n Bass or something like Carbon Based Lifeforms. I want to order them quickly as I get loan tomorrow and my IEMs broke down. [​IMG]

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