Bass question on the JVC HA-FX300
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Jul 23, 2008
Hi guys,

Be gentle I'm new.. I just received a set of HA-FX300's from Amazon and I've been listening to them for a bit. I don't usually like IEM's but I wanted a nice pair I could wear at work and use with my touch. I can't exactly wear any full size goodness at work.

I'll get to the point, I've noticed that the FX300's don't really have that deep of bass.. is this the same with any set of IEM's I can get in the price range of $60 - $100? I bought these because a guy at work told me his had nice deep bass. I am willing to go buy something else within that price range if there is something better.

The highs and mids seem to be nice and clear leaving the bass as the only gripe I have. I figure you guys would know better than me. I've also read on the site that different ear pieces work better than the stock ones so I'm unsure on what my issue is and where to begin.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: The kind of music I'm listening to on my ipod touch is Industrial Rock, Metal, Alternative, Experimental, Electronic.. Some examples would be: Ill Nino, Celldweller, The Birthday Massacre, Deadsy, Dredg, 30 Seconds To Mars .. if you know any of these it would help get an idea. ;] Hope this info helps.
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Apr 4, 2014
Buy some comply tips.  The tips that come with these are almost impossible to get a good seal.  Bad seal = no bass.  There is some type of "tip rolling" I have read about here.  I have no idea how to do it.  I just buy comply's.  Amazon also sells "veritas(SP?)"  for less than Comply's.  You just need to measure the opening of the .. What, I can't remember what they're called...  the part the tip goes on..  They go by millimeters.
Wow, I am brain dead today...  NOZZLE  measure the nozzle  :)
You are also going to have to give these PLENTY of burn in time for them to smooth out. 
Good luck.
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Wow, I am brain dead today...

X2. Yep, today, 12/6/2014


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