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Bass heavy in ear headphones under $30

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  1. jayveerivera
    I'm looking for in ear headphones that has a lot of bass. I've been reading about the monoprice 8320 and the reviews say that it has good bass.
  2. jayveerivera
    Under $30 please.
  3. ryanjsoo
  4. Mooses9
  5. jayveerivera
  6. live1
    jvc fx101
  7. Mooses9
  8. JK1
    Buy the Soundmagic ES18 for $12 on Amazon. If you can stretch your budget to $39, the Sony MDR-XB60EX looks very interesting and has great reviews. I have the ES18 and love it, but don't have the XB60EX yet.

    The Soundmagic ES18 sounds so much better than the Sennheiser CX300. I have the CX300, but rarely use it now.
  9. jayveerivera

    I bought the S4's.
  10. Mooses9
    What are your impressions
  11. jayveerivera

    It's not that great. I want iem's that has sub bass quantity.
  12. Mooses9
    that sucks, can you return  them?
  13. rommy
    you can't listen to everyone you hear, Klipsch s4s are known more for their clear highs and mids, not bass. The bass IS pretty good on the monoprice 8320s , I've owned both.
  14. Snyper0012
    If you want sub bass you should look at some of sonys in ears like the xb60ex or the jvc fx101. audio technica may have some good in ears like the ckm55
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