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Bass headphones under 80€

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cente, Sep 29, 2012.
  1. Cente
    Hi guys, I've been asked by a friend which headphones to get.
    He listen mainly to Rap, Hip-hop, Electronica and similiar generes so you understood why I am looking for "bass" headphones.
    He won't use an amplifier and he will use them at home, so he'd prefer them to be very comfortable.
    I was giving a quick look around and I found 2 pairs under 80€ which look interesting:
    Bose AE (Tripod)
    Sennheiser HD429
    Are these two cans good? Which one of these two is the best one? 
    Just keep in mind that he is not searching for something dark or neutral, but rather something fun, with a deep and pronunced bass.
    Got anything better in mind?
    Thanks you very much.
  2. sinnottj
    Hi, in that price range I think the Creative Aurvana Live are a fantastic choice. Extremely comfortable, run fine straight out of an iPod or laptop and are great for bass-heavy music.

    They are pretty well regarded on this forum, and a quick search should bring up plenty of reviews & opinions of them.
  3. Amorgan
    If portability is not a requirement, take a look at the XB500 or the JVC harx700. 
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Takstar Pro 80, sold on eBay.
  5. cocolinho
    Fantastic headphones!
  6. Cente
    Well thanks guys for the answer but you are just making the decision harder.
    I'd prefer to go with a known manufactor, and not with some Hong-Kong unknown producer.
    Got any other idea? What's the best of the listed above?
  7. reckca
    Bose ae is not under 80€.
    I like Ultrasone sound so i thonk Ultrasone hfi 450.
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I own the Takstar Hi2060 and Takstar TS-671, I was really surprised for the sound quality for the price.
  9. Cente
    Thanks again for the suggestion, but I'd like to understand what is the best cans I can get among all these models!
  10. streetdragon
    do you like deep rumbling bass or punch you bass? or just bass through the roof?
  11. Cente
    He'd like a deep and powerful bass. 

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