Basic lightweight MMCX cable
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Nov 5, 2017
Can someone please recommend a very basic MMCX cable? It needs to be lightweight, without mic or volume control, and without pre-curved memory wire.

I would be using it with Sony XBA-N3, the stock cable pulls too much on the earphones (mainly because of volume control), and using the clip is not always possible, especially in summer!

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If you're ok with soft ear hooks (no wire), this nicehck cable is well recommended.

I'd browse or search through this thread:

Another good source is:

thanks for those, I'll defintiely look those threads up!

If you want a super-thin (almost like it is not there) cable, check out the Linum cable line here, with BaX and Music being the cheapest:

very interesting, but very expensive.. can't really justify such high cost with my medium range IEM unfortunately :frowning2:

I should have said in my first post - I'm looking for something around ~ $50

After lots of searching, MEE audio seems to have an interesting cable... we'll dome some more research on that!

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