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Aug 1, 2012
So basically I am looking to get my first speakers system as I have only bought cans beforehand. Am not looking to get anything that is super high quality but I would like something nice for $200-300. Was thinking either getting two monitors (so I can at least have some left and right sound instead of just one source) that have decent range/power  to them or maybe just a basic 5.1
Not sure what I should go for at this price range. My only requirements are: they must have enough bass to really be felt- otherwise I would just keep using my headphones. Also must be able to hit the high notes as well.
It is not at all a deal breaker if they don't have sub-bass but it would be really nice.
Any suggestions?
Oh and I will be using a Fiio E7 as my amp ( so they can't have too much impedance on them either.
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Aug 6, 2011
$200ish you can get a nice starter 2.1 with a 10" sub in the mix i.e
Polk PSW10 sub $99 free ship
Topping TP-22 T-amp $89
Dayton B652s $30
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Aug 12, 2012
im also a newbie (looking for my FIRST home setup)
i wonder if nuforce uDac and audioengine a2 will be too good for a newbie?
or do i need a amp for this setup? (coz i thought audioengine was with built in amp as with all the powered speakers)
my requirements are pretty simple,
just a dac that can also be used as a headphone amp for my ath-m50, the setup can be anything, dac+amp+speaker, dac+speaker, etc etc.
dont worry about sound quality, as i want this setup because i wanna see the difference between those and the crappy logitech i have right now :D
my budget is $300 +-50, of course i want the price as low as possible, so $100-300? (big range i know :p)
i dont have anything, but shure se215, ath-m50, and a sony a864.
extra questions,
what is SQ?
if i use nuforce udac as headphone amp and connect to audioengine a2, can i have both connected the the dac and have both playing?
if the input on dacs (if theres any) and amps looks like AUX, does that mean it takes line out, or AUX?
do i have to use line out dock for a864 to connect to amps? if yes, why i cant use headphone jack?
thanks and sorry for any misuse of audio terms and bad english :p

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