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**Bargain/Best Deal** Westone 3 W3 - Like New Never Worn (200$ + Shipping + PP Fees)

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  1. DevilsRightHand
    For Sale
    Price Drop:  Now 200$ + shipping + fees
    Picture 1: Shows the complete kit (forgot to include the bag with all tips but they're all there and non of them have been used)
    Picture 2: You can see the earphones in mint condition, the glossy finish is pristine. So are the Comply tips.
    Picture 3: This one show the factory installed tie wrap holding the Epic cable. 
    My W3s are in pristine condition. They have actually never been worn and still has the wire tie on it. They have around 12 hours of burn-in time.  Included is the original box and all accessories. I'm the first owner, I bought them Brand New in a sealed box.
  2. brazy001
    I am having trouble with PM. Will buy. Please send me details via PM to organise :)
  3. brazy001
    Still saying the site has ' technical issues ' with sending a pm, sorry. Can you please send me an email to zacbratis@gmail.com and I can reply with details, etc.
  4. DevilsRightHand
    The W3 are still up for sale
  5. s0ngst3r
    Sent you a PM, please check and reply.. Thanks!
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