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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. plsvn

    yes: it does indeed! :)
  2. ssloan
    Does anyone know if Brainwavz pads can be fitted on the H6/H7?  If so, how would this be done?  Thanks.
  3. Mink
    I got my Procab adapter and finally I was able to plug the H6s in my TEAC-UD301. Amped the H6s show their true strengths...and unfortunately their true weaknesses.
    I favored them already for classical music and amped I can say with confidence that they beat all my other pair of headphones in this genre. The imaging and neutral, natural tonality is breathtaking.
    Now with pop and rock things turn for the worse, amped the H6s sound so much cleaner and I don't like that very much with those genres. Deep bass is more articulate and harder hitting, but mid-bass is sorely lacking. Out of my smartphone and tablet this wasn't that much of an issue, because the sound is more 'cramped' for lack of a better word. Also the sound out of my smartphone is softer, some may say more muddy, but with pop and rock more cohesive (nope, technically better sound isn't always desirable). The bigger transparancy when amped makes me listen more to details rather than enjoying the music. With classical, orchestral works this is very welcom, because the sound is crowded with many different instruments and you don't want to miss anything, with pop and rock the H6s, when amped, are stretching a small ensemble and dissect it...
    So I must conclude that the H6s are good allrounders with smartphones and tablets (unamped) and become genre masters amped.
  4. terencetcf

    Another I found out about Meze 99 is sometime a bit of my hair stuck into the joint of the headband, just a little bit...
  5. Dexter22
  6. istirsin

    My hair also gets stuck.
    The Meze obviously draws attention but you can definitely wear it outside. You just have to get used to the ear cups hugging the sides of your neck when you're not listening
  7. istirsin
    Everyone else i know prefers the Meze 99 but I miss the shimmery treble of the H6. This experience has confirmed that I am now a treble head. 

    The new toy effect really grabs a hold of me haha
  8. terencetcf
    I do like the treble of H6 too, somehow is in the sweetspot for my liking. Because of H6, my T90 has been staying on the headphone stand for a while now...
  9. Dexter22
    I never
    I never thought of upgrading or downgrading from h6, as I feel the treble is special at the price I paid. I think I am also a treble head:wink: midbass is almost non existent with my xduoo un amped though! Wish I had my older fiio x3 now as I think it had more power and midbass, but soundstage was too narrow. Anybody tried this combo? I don't like to carry an amp as they are not "pocket friendly" :)

    By the way, I had a bang and olufsen RL 60.2 speakers (vintage?!) and they too had the same character with extended treble. It was fun to listen to anything with lot of cymbals on them.(if paired with a proper amp). I think they try to carry a signature of sound across their products. The same was noticed with their wireless speaker at the store.
  10. RoundRound
    Hello People,
    I just got a pair go the 2nd get H6 - and am very impressed with the sound.
    I wonder how long do they take to break in?
    Thank you
  11. Mink
    Once you get impressed with the sound they are broken in :)
    rasmushorn, plsvn and Tran67 like this.
  12. chilko
    What's the best deal (new or used) for H6 2nd gen in EU?
  13. oaklandrichie
    In my experience, no break in necessary. 
  14. Dexter22
    Dunno about v2, but v1 has a good change over usage. I can confirm this as I compared my new pair with my used one and they sounded different :wink:
  15. jodgey4
    I've been trying to find the answer in this thread, though it's very long... can anybody sum up the differences between the v1 and v2? I really liked the v1, and now I'm seeing a v2 for sale? XOXO
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