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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Mink
    Is one or both earpads somewhat loose fitting? With the 2nd pair I got the bass was anemic and the sound was more congested, it turned out the left ear pad was loose fitting. I turned the pad clockwise and heard a 'click', that particular sound that indicates something is set in place and fits secure. From then the sound was identical to my 1st pair.
  2. istirsin
    Holy crap. Now i always listened to the H6 2nd gen out of my iPhone but for the first time i plugged them into my DACport HD and BAM! Sound shot up to over 9000. That empty or hollowness i got from them is gone. All i hear is a full, balanced sound with some bass emphasis that doesn't cloud the crystal clear mids or highs. No matter how easy to drive a headphone may be, a good dac/amp cannot be ignored.

    Now to look for a super slim amp/dac that i can plug into the lighting port...
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  3. QuantumPion
    Make sure you plug the jack all the way in, it goes deeper than you might think and clicks twice.
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  4. yearsofwisdom
    What do i need to get in order to cnnect this to my schiit stack?
  5. Mink
    I had the same question a couple of pages back
    You'll need an 1/8 inch to 1/4 Adapter that is proven to work with H6's four pole plug.
    In the US this would be a Sennheiser universal adapter.
    In Europe you can get the Procab:
  6. Dexter22
    its not day and night in my case but due to usage the pads are now more flat. May be thats the reason.
  7. plsvn
    hi all
    while looking for a pair of headphones, and after listening to a friend's Sennheiser Momentum and Grado SR325 (pity I'm not a fan of open ones :frowning2: ), plus B&W P7 in a shop (was about to buy those: mostly hold back for weight and "bulkiness") when I found this thread :)
    so glad I did: I'm now enjoying a 2nd generation pair with an iPhone 6s and Chord Mojo
    opted for 2nd generation as they were readily available and because of the various comments on 1st generation "lacking" in bass. well... I'd really like, now, listening to a 1st gen H6s pair as the ones I have... *almost* have too much bass! :0 (it actually is fine: *plenty of it*, deep, strong, detailed and perfectly controlled)
    I listen to *everything* (but 99% of hip-hop :p ) with a stronger heartbeat, though, for classical (mostly renaissance and baroque)
    these are great all rounders indeed! :)
  8. terencetcf
    What's your thought when the H6 pairing with Chord Mojo? I am actually considering buying it, but cost of the Mojo is actually over my budget and as iPhone user, is pretty inconvenient to have so many cables the hook up the Mojo with iPhone, especially on the go...
  9. plsvn

    only had these headphones a couple of hours ago and was listening through the Mojo
    tried right now a direct connection to the iPhone and... actually all is there nonetheless, just "leaner" sounding (with uncompressed redbook files, iAudioGate as player on the phone)
    Mojo, though, plays up to DSD-256 :p (which is not really worth it on the go, but 24-96 sounds just great :wink: )
    I'm only using ear/headphones while on the go so after a few days nightmare with Apple CCK+Mojo's cable I ordered a very short custom one from Konstantin at Lavricable (eBay) :)
    though this adds $100 to the whole thing :frowning2:
    summing it up... no idea about 1st gen H6s, but these 2nd generation are fine also direct from iPhone (if you don't care about Hi-Res)
  10. terencetcf
    Thanks. But I suppose you still have to use the Apple camera adapter while connecting to iphone right?
  11. plsvn
  12. istirsin

    Long story short, Meze 99s blow away the H6 v2 out of my iPhone. The difference is night and day.

    Out of my $150 dac/amp however, the H6 is a noticeably is a little clearer, little more natural sounding and has better sub-bass extension than the Meze 99. The 99s sound basically the same as out of my iPhone while the H6 scales very nicely. This gap will probably widen if you use a better amp/dac like the Chord Mojo.
    - My 99 cents
  13. terencetcf
    WOW!! Does this thing really works??!! 
  14. terencetcf
    Do agreed what you said. In fact I nearly bought a pair during the CanJam! But there are a few minor things I don't like about Meze 99 when compare to H6 though, first would be the ear cups are too small for my ears (according to Meze, there will be new ear pads releasing soon). Secondly, the headband seems a slightly too small for my head size. And as it doesn't collapse, so is slightly big to put inside the bag, but it does comes with a really nice case. 
  15. istirsin

    Yeah..that's the other side of the story. The H6 form factor is a lot more manageable for using outside. I've also used the H6s for 3-4 hours without any comfort issues while the Meze do fit my head and ears but the outside of my ears are a little hot and irritated after 20-30 minutes. I'll have to test the 99s for long term comfort since I just got them an hour ago haha. I can't give up this sound!
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