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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. nk126

    I know this isn't the answer you want, but it's a super subjective thing ... 
    Personally, I think the H6 are absolutely fantastic. I like treble, I like accurate but not thumping bass, and I don't really need "lush" or "forward" mids. I tried a bunch of <$400 closed cans, including a few highly rated models like PSB M4U1, B&W P7, Oppo PM-3, and Senny Momentum ... and for me, H6 was clearly my favorite.  I have not listened to DT990. 
    Part of that has to do with my tastes. Part of that has to do with the audio chain (PM-3, for instance, sound much better in the treble with the right amp). 
    From what I've heard and read from HD-600/650 owners, one of the big draws to them is that they scale really well. So if your chain has the right dac/amp, they sound even better. From my experience, the H6 do scale, but not quite to that level. The H6 sound good to me straight out of my iPhone. They sound a little better with my $60 Fiio battery powered Dac/Amp. They sound a little better still with my desktop amp. But there's no "OMG THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!" level of scaling going on. Many people say the HD600s scale in a more significant way. I personally don't know if that's true.
    I personally don't love the Sennheiser house sound. I've listened to HD650 & 700 and can understand why people like them so much, but they didn't appeal to me. I have HiFiMan open-backed headphones b/c they give me what I like - again: tight fast bass, lots of treble extension/sparkle, and lots of resolution. 
    So this is what I would say:
    The H6 are probably not quite on the level of HD600. They are probably very close. They also sound different. 
    If you want clarity, treble, soundstage, and accurate/tight but not booming bass in a closed can, IMO H6 are fantastic. From what I hear, Fidelio X2 (less clarity, more bass) and some of the Beyers are also worth checking out. 
    Marco's closed headphone roundup is worth a read, if you haven't ready it. Easy to find with a quick Google search. 
  2. Dexter22
    I sent back the momentum 2.0 as I found them Tonally too much colored in comparison. And lot of other reasons which I mentioned some posts bad. I still don't regret. The only thing I didn't like with h6 was, it did t had a hard case. I found one from Amazon which is better than the bundled m2 case. And together it still didn't cost the m2's Amazon.de price. No regrets, on the m2. They were inferior in every single thing according to me. Bulky, coarse imaging, slow, flimsy, weird looking (on my avg size head) and expensive for no special reason. If I were to price th m2 reasonably I would have given it a 150€tag, not 250!!
  3. Mink
    I got my M2s for 150 euro! Haha.
    But I think they are worth more than what I paid for.
  4. yearsofwisdom
    Is there another pair of headphones that have a similar level of sound quality as the h6v2? Wondering how hard they punch in terms or the 2-400 dollar price range
  5. Mink
    Would there be an adapter for H6's 3.5 mm plug to fit a 6.3 mm output? And one that is proven to work? The screw on 6.3 mm plugs I got with my full size headphones don't fit the H6 plug, they don't make a proper conncection, probably because the H6 have a 3rd ring in the plug to control the volume and track choice with an iPhone.
    I had ordered Anker replacement cables, but they don't fit in H6's left earcup..
    I don't see anything wrong with H6's standard cable apart from the impractical fact that I cannot connect the H6s to my desktop amp...
  6. oscarnr
    Hi. Does it matter to connect the headphone cable to the right earcup instead of the left? I feel a very very subtle disbalance in my H6v2 when I connect the cable to the left earcup. Psycoacoustics or not, the balance seems totally correct connected to the right earcup. Strange. I also have the V1 and I didn't have the same sensation. I don't know yet which one (v1/v2) I prefer...Spectacular headphones anyway
  7. QuantumPion
    Since re-buying the H6's after initially not liking them, they are starting to grow on me. I wish the earcups were deeper as they get uncomfortable after an hour, but I'm starting to get used to their sound signature more. They really do have great deep bass, and the treble is not too fatiguing. Compared to the DT-770's, I like these way more. They aren't worth the original price of $400 but if obtained on sale they would be a good deal.
  8. QuantumPion
    Oh as for the cable issues - I bought the fairly expensive ($20) braided 3m cable since I needed a longer one to reach around my PC. Neither myself nor my wife are able to discern any difference in sound quality between it and the stock cable. While the stock cable is a bit short, I don't think it negatively affects the sound quality at all. As for the braided cable I got (forgot which brand, but got it on amazon.com), it is nice quality but suffers somewhat from cable noise due to its texture.
  9. Dexter22
    I have a h6v1 which is one month old and the other one 5 months old. Yesterday, I tried listening side by side and somehow the new one had more micro details. I don't know if over a period the v1 was supposed to go bas in 5 months, or they had quality issues in batches. I never expected this, but there's a small difference (new one has slightly clear micro details)
  10. QuantumPion
    What the heck is a micro detail? Sorry, that term is not listed in the glossary on the site FAQ? Could you explain what you mean more descriptively?
  11. Dexter22
    sorry for using my own terms. I didnt know how to explain it further. For instance the song safest place to hide by backstreet boys has a quite guitar layer in the back ground before the line always until the the line "can you see me.." on the new pair, its evident. On the old one i have to be too keen to hear it. I dont know how to explain more!
  12. QuantumPion
    Sorry but I am unwilling to listen to backstreet boys over and over again in order to reproduce your test. [​IMG]
    Freetrademan likes this.
  13. Mink
    The old pair H6s felt the same way :)
  14. Dexter22
    By the way, I didn't quote your reply on intention.:wink: it was by mistake that I replied it earlier that way. Now I recall someone else here reviewed the h6 to had a similar experience. He had mentioned that after some months it sounds life less. I feel the sound is changing to something non exciting on mine too. It's trying not to be influenced by it. By the way, I don't want anyone to try comparing the same way, I did. Me and my wife has the same H6 v1. Mine is the 5 month old one, and hers is from last month. So, I can clearly say, there exists some kind of burn in for good or bad, because I can easily say which one is new on a blind test !! And the BSB track is from her playlist. I don't listen to them much.:wink:
  15. yearsofwisdom
    I just tried plugging the cable in my right side and it only plays from the right side but wheni plug it in the left, it works
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