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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. istirsin

    I'll be getting my hands on the Meze 99 by the end of next week and I'll have comparisons up with the H6 gen 2. I'm going to be keeping one and selling the other.
  2. Freetrademan
    I have the H6 (v2), the HD600 and the HD598. The 598 sounds cheap and hollow next to the other two. The HD600 is a near-perfect reference headphone, but it's not suitable for portable use. The H6 has a more "V-shaped" sound profile, with awesome bass extension (though not boomy) and wonderful, shimmery highs. I love both, but they are different. I intend to sell the HD598. 
  3. tgh5000
    How is the sound compared to Sennheiser Momentum 2.0?
  4. nk126

    H6 destroys Momentum 2. More resolving, better extension, more detail.
  5. Mink
    Hmmm, I don't think the H6s 'destroy' the M2s. They are just different, for me they work well with other music than the H6s. Thinner, brighter recordings sound great with the M2s and also alternative rock is excellent. The H6s however are unmatched with classical music. 
    Still, both are good all-rounders in their own way. The H6s have the resolution, instument seperation and soundstage to give real insight, this paired with a natural tonality and unforced dynamics make them very musical with classical music and live recordings. To me they can be a bit too observant with (heavily produced) pop and rock, but don't sound wrong with those genres in any way.
    The M2s have the intimacy, warmth and liveliness that works well with pop and rock, but still poses enough resolution and clarity to play classical music nicely.
    Obviously I like both, but overall I think the H6s are the better headphones.
  6. nk126

    To each his own, as always :) I can't stand either the original M or the M2. One man's "intimacy and warmth" is another man's "blech!"
  7. Mink
    Haha, true! [​IMG]
  8. tgh5000
    How is the H6 with female vocals? Currently I own a HD 598, and it does quite well with female vocals, e.g. Lisa Gerrard. Can someone comment on how female vocals sound on the H6? Thanks.
  9. yearsofwisdom
    Is the consensus that the h6v2 is of the same tier as hd600s?
  10. dbdynsty25
    Female vocals is where the H6 shines.  It's the male vocals that might be a touch thin sounding, but if you're listening to mainly females, it's really really hard to go wrong w/ them.
  11. Mink
    The consensus? Most definitely not. I never heard the HD600s, but for many on this forum the HD600s (like the HD650s) are their favorite if not their best pair of headphones. Even technically superior, more expensive headphones cannot beat their unique sound, that is according to HD600's advocates. I don't think you'll find anyone at Head-fi that would put the H6s in the same league. 
    Freetrademan likes this.
  12. Mink
    The Momentums do male vocals better, female vocals would be a tie with the H6s for me.
  13. yearsofwisdom

    Makes sense. I'm just wondering what league to place the H6s in. Not sure whether to keep mine from the sale or sell it and get something better. Own the HD600s and the ATH AD900xs already.

    How would these compare to say a Dt770/880/990? Equivalenttier or even higher qualitysound?
  14. nk126

    Also, HD 600 are open back. Different beast. 
    I'm not a headphonus supremus, but I've listened to a few dozen different models over the past 18 months, anyway. H6 are pretty remarkable for closed-back headphones when it comes to soundstage and generally feeling/sounding open and natural. But an actual open-back headphone is totally different and, all things being equal (so to speak), most people find the experience of open-back 'phones to be "better" than that of closed-back. 
    So, on top of what Mink said, it's an unfair comparison in many ways.
    Freetrademan likes this.
  15. yearsofwisdom

    Definitely fair but let's say compared to other closed backs like the dt990(?) How do these compare? Trying to get an idea of where the phones sit in the tier. Are they like HD600 level sound quality in a closed can or something else?
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