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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. bcarr112281
    I recall reading earlier in this thread that the cable inputs on the V2 are slightly smaller. It may be the reason for your trouble.
    If I find the posts in question, I will update this post.
  2. Sidorian
    Little pricey than some others, but good reviews and it was an impulse buy.  Build quality is good although the first time inserting into the H6 required just a little extra to the right connection.  Since then it's been solid.
  3. butterworth
    So, two things. One, has anyone compared the H6 to the meze classics 99?

    Tl;dr I think first gen H6es sound better with a 700Hz q=0.7 -5dB high shelf filter

    I've had my H6es (first gen) for about 9 months now. Seems like something about the frequency response makes these headphones curiously airy, but there was treble colouration that made vocals sound a little goofy (overbright). After messing around with a parametric EQ for months, I think I've figured out what's up. Rather than a 5dB recession centred around ~320Hz and weak bass, H6es have a rise from 320Hz to 1kHz that seems to be both adding colour and masking the (IMO pretty nice and definitely loud enough) bass.

    I listened to some music on my rockboxed Sansa clip zip with a -5dB high shelf filter with Q=0.7 and cutoff 700Hz (preliminary guess; haven't decided if the cutoff needs tweaking yet) so that the flat part of the filter response begins at 1kHz. I sort of eyeballed the cutoff by graphing biquad filters in octave (Matlab alternative).

    Much nicer, I think! Once I'm certain that the cutoff is in the right place, I'll start trying to incorporate the other tweaks I've tried (subtly smoothing peaks above 5kHz to lessen auditory fatigue; dealing with the wiggle around 160Hz that makes barbershop quartet a little disappointing to listen to). It's tricky to do that without destroying the soundstage and air that makes the H6es what they are though. I'd be happy to share those changes once (if?) I figure it out!
  4. 3raser
    Wasn't sure it would be honored either, but my first pair arrived on Saturday. I really like them, second pair should arrive this Friday.
    Could not be happier, they are the first headphones that I can wear for extended periods of time with glasses and the sound signature is in my wheelhouse.
  5. kvn864
    they are awesome, no questions about it. enjoy your luck.
  6. Blinxat
    I think the v1 sounds better, and the aluminium on it is of higher grade than the v2. It is a matter of taste. But I sold my v2. It is not worth the upgrade.
  7. Mink
    Just curious, in what way is the aluminum on the v1 of higher grade? How can/do you tell?
  8. Mael Lorach
    I just received my H6 v2 today, and I'll be sending them to Zeos Pantera (Z reviews) for him to make a review on them sometime this month or next month.
  9. Mink
    So I finally got my BeoPlay H6 limited edition Grey/Hazel today, they had arrived earlier this week, but because I wasn't at home it was delivered at a UPS Pick up point.
    Well they look nice don't they?, although it felt a bit like an anti-climax, they look exactly the same as the pictures and since I already own the black H6s I know how they feel and smell.
    The brown ear pads are less roomy than the black ones though.
    I did play some tracks with them, I am not sure why exactly, because I know how the H6s sound don't I? Yes, a lean bass...but wait a minute...have my ears gone mad? There was something off in the sound, flat, narrow, lifeless and a very lean...well hardly any bass? I took my black H6s and the sound was blooming and the bass was so much bigger, fuller and much more textured. Does the Grey/Hazel H6 sound like the H6 is suppose to sound? (And is my black H6 a lemon, but a fortunate lemon so to say?) If so I can understand the hate for the H6s. Tinny, shrill, boring....
    Maybe they need to break in? Well for how long? I must be able to return them if I don't like them...
    Were the different ear pads to blame? I turned them a bit for no reason and I heard a click...it appeared the left ear pad wasn't properly fit/connected. I played some music, and everything was there, the bass, the lush but still open sound.
    So for anyone complaining about a cheap and thin sound while trying the BeoPlays, make sure the ear pads are properly connected :)
  10. tgh5000
    Hi! My first post here. Can someone compare this to HD 598? I know one is closed and the other is open. However, I currently have the HD 598. So I will able to relate your comparison using the HD 598 as a reference. Thanks!
  11. kvn864
    you can see the driver assembly when earcup is removed, do these look similar? i am assuming black and the new ones you have are version 1 correct? i have had v1 and remember them lacking a bit on the bass, though the rest of the spectrum was great. now i have grey v2, and to my ears they sound bit better, more bass, without compromising anything else where v1 shines 
  12. Mink
    Yes, both BeoPlay H6s I own are the 1st generation ones, the drivers are black. To me V1 doesn't lack bass...well my new pair did as described in my post, but all I had to do was turning the earpad clockwise with a 'click' to make a secure fit :)
  13. yearsofwisdom
    In terms of pure sound, how does the H6 compare to another can? Is it HD600/X2 level or is it a step below? HD598 level? Not sure whether I should keep mine or sell it.
  14. Mink
    I think the H6s are better than the X2s, even though the X2s are open back and have a wider soundstage, but the H6s have very little to no grain in the sound, their sound is more natural and the imaging and soundstage depth are better too imho.
    Never heard the HD600s...
  15. istirsin
    H6 has extended sub-bass extension below 20hz (X2 rolls off) but X2 has more mid-bass. H6 treble sound noticeably cleaner but the X2 soundstage is much, much more open. Otherwise they're not too far off from each other.

    I thought I liked the H6 better but i actually prefer the X2 just because I love big soundstage. Although I can't take my X2 outside like i can with my H6.
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