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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. WoodyLuvr
    Happily will concur; we all have different hearing and fitting experiences.  
    Especially coming from a guy with minor hearing loss/damage (from malaria, a career of guns/helicopters, and the 2008 Israeli bombing of Gaza) with missing/reduced/amplified hearing frequencies so please do take all my findings with a grain of salt.
    Maybe I should place a disclaimer under my name that says: "hearing impaired!" [​IMG]  [​IMG] 
    My LCD-2s were old... circa 2012.  
    I recently listened to a pair of LCD-2s (circa 2016), LCD-4s, and LCD-XCs... and wow the LCD-4s and LCD-XCs were beautiful (way better imaging and overall sound to my H6s) but unfortunately they and the newer LCD-2s still have that same uncomfortable heavy/clampy/sweaty feeling like my older LCD-2s :frowning2:    The 2016 version LCD-2 seemed to be a bit stronger in the bass; improved clarity; with the same imaging as my older version but still very comparable and only ever so slightly better than my H6s!
    Imaging as in timbre and instrument separation and presentation, yes the LCD-2s are slightly better but imaging as in a wide sound-stage with clear neutral mids, no I truly think the H6s are slightly ahead there with a sound-stage and mids nearing HD800 level.
  2. WoodyLuvr
    Well as many of you might have figured and/or predicted my recent mad EQ experimentation with my B&O H6s ended in a bloody disaster! I thoroughly confused my brain and tortured my ears with this initial exercise in futility. The distortions royally screwed up my headphone's sound signature making some of my music files and genres totally unlistenable. In fact, I say it nearly went as badly as my ignorant foray into open-backs (via LCD-2s)... the hearing-impaired + chatty Siamese women + Thai tv soaps 24/7 open-backs!

    I received some helpful advice from @zambz and enlightenment from a few other members and soon realized that I really had no idea what I was doing so I decided to study up on the Harman Target Response Curve; headphone response measurements; parametric eqs; and headphone eq’ing techniques for an entire night and day… especially learning a lot from the following @Tyll Hertsens articles and videos and Head-Fi member @Lunatique post:
    I then studied Tyll’s headphone frequency response plot and square wave measurements for the B&O H6 v.1


    After some momentous foobar2k plugin crashes and extension hiccups I finally managed to find and successfully cooperate with a parametric equalizer (hooray for me!): Kjaerhus Audio’s Golden Equalizer (GEQ-7S) via Foobar2000 VST 2.4 adapter extension. With very pleasing and satisfactorily results I believe I was able to correct/adjust the five (5) known and concerning signature hiccups on my first generation B&O H6s as follows:


    20 – 250 Hz (Two Corrections)
    The H6 v.1’s very nice upward transition into the bass from 250 Hz to 20 Hz is interrupted by a strange and very sharp 5dB dip at 165-170 kHz and a 2+dB peak at 125-130 Hz; both were corrected to smooth out this upward curve.

    250 Hz – 3 kHz (One Correction / One Adjustment )
    The H6 v.1’s long and smooth linear rise from 250 Hz to 3 kHz is interrupted by a slight ~2db peak at exactly 1 kHz and a minor 3db dip at 2.6 kHz; both were corrected to smooth out this otherwise excellent rise.

    3 kHz – 22 kHz (One Correction)
    The H6 v.1's treble in the top octave above 10 kHz runs a little hot with a significant spike (peak) at 17-17.5 kHz so I lowered this by 8db to settle it down. The second peak in the response at 8-10 kHz is normal for many headphones (Staxs; LCDs; HD800; HD600) and is thought to be due to an ear canal resonance… all the adjustments I made didn’t seem to help any and besides it is more than 5 db under the 0db line and doesn’t sound bad to me so I just left this peak alone.​
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
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  3. WoodyLuvr
    Am I and @Devilman1995 the only B&O H6 survivors of the "Great Plight of 2017"?

    Did Noble slaughter and eat everyone else?
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  4. mbwilson111
    They tried...I managed to escape...and I still have my H6's...
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  5. superfell
    Still have my H6's use them everyday, @WoodyLuvr you mentioned before using a v-moda cable, the ones i looked at were TRS rather than the TRRS of the stock cable, did it work ok? or am i looking at the wrong cables?
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  6. WoodyLuvr
    Yep, I have the TRS one aka audio only cable (link here).
  7. bec1
    Finally I purchased both cables, Furutech iHP-35L and amazon cable, to perform some A/B testing and decide which one I prefer.

    My impresions:

    - Original B&O cable: H6 with standard cable is fine for me (for example I prefer it vastly over Momentum 2), although with standard cable I find a lack of mids... but separation, articulate bass, teble and natural sound, etc... is very very good.

    - Amazon cable: it is a step forward versus original cable, mids are more present, and there is an overall improvement in the other areas.

    - Furutech iHP-35L: mids are more present than amazon cable, and there is a big improvement in tonality (there is an added sense of richness in bass, mids and teble). Although richness and mids are improved, all the other areas are improved too: bass is textured and what is more important for me is articulated, highs flow separately although bass could be present. Sound is natural, rich and different instruments flow together and separated. This richness implies an improvement in voices and instruments tonality. This sense of richness remmembers me when you hear an OCC cable or when you hear an Electrocompaniet CD, very engaging.

    As a summary of my preferences, I put AK70+H6 at the same sound level as MF M1HPA+HD600 or CA 851N+Leben CS300XS+HD600... but at the same time, AK70+H6 is more fun to listen.
    I didn't expect this sound quality from a portable rig.

    Some photos of my "Emergency travel sound rig":






    Furutech iHP-35L, and additionally an adaptor 3.5 to 6.3mm to plug in in M1 HPA and Leben:

    Amazon cable:

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017
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  8. New Fiio Owner
    Hi all,

    I have the exact same case and cable as @bec1 and I have to say that these H6's are my favourite headphones especially with my Fiio X5III.

    I have to ask, are they being discontinued?

    I was just browsing ebay and I found that B&O are selling off their H6 2nd Gens in black and natural for £129.00, so I purchased another set in both colours.

    Grab a bargain while you can.

    Last edited: Apr 30, 2017
  9. larzy
    I haven't seen that price anywhere - do you have a link? However, I just purchased the H7s for 179 euros at a German site, and the H8's for 289 on the spanish Amazon site, so there are definitely some discounts if you keep you eyes open :)
  10. New Fiio Owner

    Black http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152311786293

    Natural/Tan http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152312751165

    I just bought one of each.

    One Buyer purchaced 43 in Tan and 17 in Black.
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  11. New Fiio Owner

    How would you compare the sound from the H8 with the H6?

    I purchased the H6 because of its clear and almost natural sound, while still being able to pump out the bass when the song requires it.

    Now I have upgraded to the Fiio X5III with bluetooth I am thinking of buying bluetooth headphones for convenience while on the move, however, I don't want to sacrifice sound too much.

    The H8 is £399.00 at Amazon but B&0 is selling them for £239.00 on ebay.
  12. WoodyLuvr
    To my ears the H7 sounds the closest to the H6:

    H7 (via cable): lacking clarity and wide soundstage of the H6, not as neutral as the H6; slightly better bass than the H6 but the mids and highs are noticeably weaker; heavier than the H6 not as comfortable for long sessions due to the weight

    H9 (via cable): a fusion of the H7 & H8 models; veiled & slightly muffled sound signature so no where as nice as the H7 and especially H6 sonically; heavier than the H6, H8, and H7.

    H8 (via cable): on-the ear (I prefer over the ear for better isolation and comfort during long listening sessions); sound signature is nothing like the H6 or H7... the bass is really boomy and disturbing; only slightly heavier than the H6 but not as heavy as the H7 or H9.

    I didn't test with bluetooth...
  13. New Fiio Owner

    Thanks for that, it was very helpful.

    That lack of clarity, muffled and boomy sound, sounds too much like Dr Dre's to me.

    I think I will stay with my H6, as it is too much of a compromise just to lose a cable, especially as bluetooth is bound to be worse than your comparison while cabled.
  14. WoodyLuvr
    Concur. A simple and inexpensive upgrade to improve portability would be to get yourself a V-Moda Audio Only Cable... well made, flexible, very low micro-phonics. This cable fits both versions albeit much tighter in the newer version H6s.
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