Band setting jh13 vs jh16
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Oct 15, 2008
Hello haven't been on theses forums since I bought my Grado rs1 7 years ago. The only portable headphones I have currently have are the cheap skull candy inked. They currently are not cutting it for hearing my mix in a band context as everything gets cloudy and muffled when everyone is playing. As a listening headphone I actually think it's really good for portable use and value but I don't have any experience with iem.

My question is I've read jh13 is good for personal use but the jh16 might be better suited for louder environments ie-band setting(plus I ride a motorcycle so it'd be a nice addition). So would the jh16 be better for band setting? I personally think the grado rs-1 and inked have normal amounts of bass would the jh-13 sound bass anemic to me? Also this is a lot of dough I've been contemplating getting a cheaper iem like 1964 qi and using the rest of the money for better full size headphones or speakers. Any experience with 1964 vs jh?

Sorry for the run on sentences and paragraphs thx for the help fellow audio earhole warriors- Shane

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