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Balanced sound, slightly bass leaning budget headphone?

  1. bumaaka
         Hello guys, another noob, wannabe audiophile here, wanting to purchase a good, solid entry level headphone. My budget is 100 dollars or less. I mainly listen to hip hop and some punk, alternative, and electronic music. I want a headphone with a balanced sound but is good for hip hop. I don't care about portability, as they are mainly for home use. I've checked ljokerls shootout comparison thread, and there seems to be lots of choices but I can't make my mind up xD
         I'm looking into the CAL! and the XB500, and they seem like they'd fit my purposes, but I'm worried about the CAL!s durability, and I think the XB500 might have too much bass. Halp pls. Thanks!
  2. pow3rs
    Full size headphones or considering iems too? 
    If iems, strongly recommend Um1 for tt price range, very good instrumental separation, perfect start for your audio addiction.
  3. bumaaka
    Sorry, should've been more clear. I'm looking for full size headphones, But thanks for the recommendation. Also, would the JVC HAS500 be a good headphone? I've heard great things about it.
  4. AstroTurf
    Fostex T50RP...

    Have a look in the Full Sized Section of the Forums.

    Good Stuff, Jim

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