Balanced/Neutral AKG


Most balanced/neutral AKG?

  1. K612

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  2. K712

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  3. K702

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  4. K7XX

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  1. gacyde
    I have my akg k612 for almost 2 years and i'm very happy with it
    straight to the point
    My mission is to find most neutral/balanced headphone which lightweight & comfortable for a long time use (3+ hours)
    Between all akg headphone, K612, K702, K712, K7XX
    Which one you can say most neutral/balanced?
  2. YJX94
    Without a doubt the K712 is the most neutral out of all those. K702 is rather bass-lite and K7XX is more bassy whereas K712 bass is just right. They all have very similar mids, treble, soundstage and imaging.
  3. gacyde
    Thanks for reply
    How about k612?
    would you prefer it more than k7xx
  4. YJX94
    Nah I'd take the K7XX. The bass on the K612 isn't as fun as the K7XX and I absolutely hate the satan spawn of a headband that the K612 has, it's so damn hard, I have no idea how you've lived with it for 2 years. It reminds me of the horror of the rape bumps on the headband from the K701/K702/Q701.
  5. kid vic
    Have to disagree with your headband comment, I feel they are both equal on my head. Funny enough I did the bass port mod on my K7XX's to help elevate further above my K612's, I generally find the to roughly equal in terms of frequency response but the K7XX is far more hifi and engaging. The K612 is more neutral to me but also far more laid back and somewhat less resolving.
    TBH I could sell either and live with the other (I haven't actually decided which of the two I will sell) but i would probably keep the K7XX's if I was only going to have one headphone.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Objectively "most neutral" would be better looked at specifically as "what compromise" you can go with and "what your perception of neutral" is.

    Based on measurements the K702 and K7XX trail off earlier than the K712 at the bass; however the K712 doesn't just reach deeper, it has a taller and wider bass hump, but also has a taller treble peak. Qualitative evaluations of the tonal qualities differ as the K712 is just not being compared to the HD650 because of that peak (plus how some people wear the HD650 tighter and the default self adjusting fit of AKGs for average heads is looser), while the early roll off of the K702 gets dubbed "bass light" or whatever ways people can express "has no bass."

    If you're going for an objectively smoother curve, then it's the K702 (it still has the angled pads, so if they were nearly the same price as the K7XX, I'd get that as it images the cymbals farther from the front and flanks near the ears), albeit you have to live with less bass extension. If you want more deep bass and you're confident they won't fit too tight on your head, and will gamble the treble peak would not be so noticeable next to the bass, then get the K712.

    If you're willing to use EQ the K712 would be the better bet. Making the curve smoother overall will require a boost to the low bass to bring up 50hz and below to at least at the same level as 1000hz that can in theory result in more audible distortion on the K70x and K7XX (at the very least, use a subsonic filter); by contrast you just need a gentle low shelf cut to the bass region (do not overdo that though - aim still to have the bass slightly above where 1000hz is because human ears have more difficulty hearing bass over ambient noise vs midrange and treble sharpness) and then a peak cut to the treble peak. Maybe use the angled K702 pads on them when you replace the pads and see if it helps push the cymbals back and to the center a little bit.

    Alternately, given the price of the K712, you could just consider the HiFiMan HE400i. It is practically flat from 1000hz to 10hz, and barely has a peak in the treble, though it dips in the midrange a little bit more than the competition (although human hearing is slightly more sensitive in that region anyway). Sensitivity is comparable to the K7xx series so it's not like you would have to spend more on the amplifier.
  7. Me x3
    The AKG K712 is widely considered the most balanced headphone in the K7-series.
    If you don't want a hint of bloom in your music then K702 might work better.

    Both are very good and similar in the big scheme of things.
    K702 has a slightly bigger and more diffuse soundstage with an overall lighter tonality (more forward sounding/the upper midrange stands out more)
    K712 has a more focused sound that's still big, open and layered. It has a fuller tonality.

    I've had both side by side and compared them many times (owned two AKG K702 and a K712 that I still own).
    I think the K712 is more balanced and realistic with a wider range of recordings as long as you pair it with a neutralish amplifier.

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