Balanced input advantage?
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May 19, 2008
I have a headphone amp that accepts balanced TRS inputs and use a Denon DVD-2910 to play my CD's, DVD audio and SACD discs. At the moment I am only using unbalanced RCA to TS cables to connect the Denon player to the headphone amp as it does not have balanced analog outputs. I have some questions...

1. If I were to use a balance box such as a Rane Balance Buddy to convert from unbalanced RCA to balanced XLR (will obviously have to use XLR to TRS cables for compatibility with my amp) make any difference in the sound quality? Would this be pointless? Does the signal need to be balanced right from the source to make any noticeable difference in SQ?

2. Would a player with balanced outputs really make much of a difference in sound quality?

Any help would be appreciated
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As far as the first question goes.. yes. You need a balanced source to begin with. Trying to convert SE outputs to balanced won't help the sound, if not degrade it even further.

You should definitely check out the buffalo DAC by twisted pear audio(when it gets back in stock). Though I've never heard it myself, it's definitely gotten itself a reputation, much credit due to the success of a older model, the opus dac.
Although it's a DIY kit, the boards come pre-assembled, so all you need to do is wire it up to the psu, find a case, and wire the jacks. Also, you can upgrade it with the I/V stage when funds allow.

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