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Balanced Grado RS-1

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  1. Mixed congee
    For Sale or Trade
    Hi! My Grado RS1 which is the button version is up for sale!~
    I bought this headphone a few months ago from another head-fier. I would rate the overall condition be a  7/10. The ear pads are in good condition but with some barely noticeable scratch marks on the wooden cup and the headband is soft and looks slightly worn.

    It comes with an extra pair of Grado cushions and a carry bag, but without the original box and extension cable.

    Ii will post some pics soon.

    Asking price is SOLD firm + shipping and Paypal fee or picked up from Sydney.

    Will consider trading with a Hifiman HE500, HE5LE or LCD2.
    Thanks for looking
  2. melmoux
    I'm intereste. Could you upload some pictures?

  3. melmoux
    Sorry! I just saw that you are going to :).
  4. melmoux
    Please PM me if you consider to lower your price. Thanks
  5. Shyria
    I am interesting.
    How may to send in France?
  6. Mixed congee
  7. melmoux
    Let me ask you one thing if you don't mind, did you recable them to balanced yourself?
  8. Mixed congee
    The RS1 was recabled by the previous owner not me, it use the Neutrik XLR head and the cable has 2.8 meters long.
  9. melmoux
    I was just asking to see if you could reterminate the cable back and keep the xlr connectors. It's ok, thank you anyway and sorry for bothering again
  10. Megajs
    I am interested. Are you capable send to New Hampshire,US? Thank you
  11. Shyria
    I PM you
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