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Balanced DAC with USB input and no amp

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  1. suicidal_orange
    As in the title, I'd like to buy a DAC with USB input, balanced output and no built in amp.  Ideally I'd like an iBasso DB1 or DB2 with the connector cable to plug straight into my PB2 amp, but that doesn't seem likely so I'm open to pretty much anything.  Cheap is better than perfect cosmetic condition and I'm not looking for anything too high end as most of my listening these days is on the go, hence the £200 cap.  If I have change that's a bonus!
    I'm in the UK so would rather keep it within Europe to avoid import tax etc, but will consider offers from faraway lands.
    I have cash or would trade for (prices are off the top of my head and I'm open to current market price corrections and discussion)
    1. Beresford Caiman with upgrades (see here for details, I took the Burson op-amp option which added £70 - could be removed) - £225
    2. Compact Tube Hybrid (CTH) amp - £150
    3. Aurisonics ASG-1 - £120
    4. HiFiMan RE-262 - £70
    1. Corda Cross 1 (DIY'ed on original PCB and in original case) - £75
    2. iBasso T3D - £20
    3. The failed CTH build I have listed - £80
    So, what have you got to offer? [​IMG]
  2. jaddie
    If I may, why the interest in a balanced interconnect?  Are your DAC and amp going to be 10 meters apart, or in different rooms?  
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