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Balanced cable for JH16's Pro, yes or no?

  1. jark

    Using the excuse the cable on my JH16's pro turned green I'm thinking to upgrade it either to ALO's Tinsel series or Moon Audio's Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable. The only option I haven't decided yet is whether to put balanced ending or not to use it balanced through my portable amp. Will I benefit by doing so or not? I've read somewhere that multi armature IEM's do not sound properly when connecting in balance mode, is it true? Any suggestions?
  2. warrior1975
    I don't have that particular IEM, but I did find my Heir 8.0 to sound a bit better going balanced. Seems that the volume is a bit higher than SE, which in turn could result in me believing it sounds better. I think it does sound better, and many have reported the same from what I've read. There are also reports of SE sounding better... so you probably won't know unless you try. Perhaps you can demo a balanced setup? Meet up with a local head-fier is possible?
  3. jark

    Thanks warrior1975 for your reply. I assuming there are not weird things going on by driving multi armatures IEMs balanced?, if any is an improvement in sound quality maybe because of a higher volume output, but nothing more.
  4. warrior1975
    I haven't heard any.... I also own Shure se846, which is 4 drivers. I'm waiting on a balanced cable for that, however, in the 846 appreciation thread there are a number of people that believe it sounds better. I'm fairly new to this hobby, so what I think I hear may not be accurate. I do prefer going balanced if that mean anything.
  5. Gagarin
    Balanced tends to bring a huge soundstage to BA IEMs. I have tested the W4R, UE TF10, JH13 old version, and a bunch of cheaper ones on balanced cables.
    I would say that the sound is not affected too much, Perhaps the bass has a rumblier feel, as if there was more force behind it. Again, this may just be the listening level. If the cables are expensive, I would not go balanced, but for the same price, I don't see why not!

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