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Balanced cable for HD600

  1. trgz
    Hi, I'm probably going to be told that it's a pointless concept but has anyone any advice regarding the subject of balanced cables for a pair of Sennheiser HD600s that terminate in a 2.5 TRRS for a FiiO X5iii ? TBH I wonder if there is any point and maybe a 3.5mm cable upgrade is something better to consider - I also had thought that, whilst the X5 drives the 600s without any trouble, an amp in line (I have the FiiO Kilimanjaro) will be cut out of the equation if I went to the 2.5 TRRS.
    I'm in no hurry as I only just got the HD600s (I'd previously chewed over the idea with my HD558s) and I really hadn't expected to buy the cans themselves much before this christmas.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  2. JohnSD
    The HD600/650 is a very popular headphone to drive balanced because of its relatively low sensitivity. We have received near universal positive reactions to driving these balanced, its not just the higher gain but also you get to use the high end balanced output of your player, which is intended as a superior link to the headphones.
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    A more powerful SE amp will have more benefits to driving the HD600 than using balanced drive with lower output.
  4. trgz
    A little update:
    I reflected on the comments above and then threw caution to the wind and bought a rather affordable custom cable from Venture Electronics (about 43 USD or £33 incl. p+p). It turned up considerably quicker than the estimated 5 weeks (arrived in 10 days!) and I've done a couple of comparisons with the old SE cable via my Fiio A3 (aka Kilimanjaro) against the balanced output and new cable and the latter did sound better, but only just just. That was until I discovered the Balanced Turbo output option (an extra 500mw apparantly) - before the balanced cable needed a bit more volume (up to about 85 of the max 120) but the turbo mode drives the 600s really quite nicely and might actually sound a tad smoother now (but TBH I always doubt myself). Anyway, I'm rather happy FWIW

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