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Balanced armature model IEM with good bass

  1. admaciaszek
    I know BA driver only models are not meant for bassheads but id like to be able to upgrade them down the line. Reshells only work on BA driver models and at that point I'll add a dynamic driver. What are some models that have more punchy bass they achieve through multi drivers. I like v shaped sound signatures and wide a wide sounscape.

    My music is all played on my lg v40 either flac or steam high quality spotify.
    My budget is 350 and I'd prefer used pricing.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  2. Brainiac9000
    Out of my personal collection, the BGVP DM6 fits your description exactly. The Fiio FA7 has punchy bass but is more of a warm signature than a V shape and soundstage isn’t that wide, in my opinion.
  3. AncientSw0rd
    +1 for the BGVP DM6.

    Best bass I've heard in a all BA unit.
  4. admaciaszek
    Ive decided on the BGVP DM6 now I just need to find a used seller or a store that doesnt make me wait a month and a half before they ship
  5. eclein
    KZ-BA10, CCA-C16...are two I own and I saw a DM6 in head-fi’s “For Sale” thread.......not sure if its still there.
  6. admaciaszek
    I ended up buying a t88k as a sort of upgrade to the dm6 as others have described it as similar sound but wider sound stage and less focus on the treble I got it for 260 so thought that was reasonable price for all knowles drivers 8 on each side. Worst case scenario I get some great BAs that I can get retuned and shelled for a ciem. Shoukd arrive by thursday
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  7. eclein
    Hey do you have a link to it or the full name so I can check it out....sounds like a good deal!
  8. admaciaszek
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  9. yong_shun

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