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Backup Software

  1. dsavitsk
    This is a totally inappropriate place to ask this, but answers here on tech topics generally seem pretty good. So, I am looking for backup software to use with Windows Server 2003 /SQL Server (actually MSDE). I have been using Retrospect 6.5, but it is really miserable so it is time for a switch. The biggest issue I am facing is that I run an incremental nightly backup over a VPN. The VPN, however, disconnects occasionally for a few seconds (this seems to be an ISP issue and I have not had any luck resolving it yet), and with Retrospect, the whole process hangs and sometimes corrupts the backup (it is still readable, but cannot be written to anymore.) So, I need something that can handle an occasional disconnect and reconnect of the backup machine. Ideas?
  2. ken36 Contributor
    I used Bounceback Pro until Apple came out with Time Machine
  3. dsavitsk
    No, that won't work. I need enterprise class software, not desktop, and it needs to interface with the db server.
  4. mekarls
    I've kinda done that a million times a day, you see that the best application that does the things that you wanna do is Remote Backup, i use it and its a killer app.Its really good.Also if you are looking for free backup software i recommend you to use Free Backup this one's great too.
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