Back for real this time. Want recommendations for headphones.

  1. DX-1113
    Ideally, I want to spend no more than ~$200-$250 on this set of over the ear phones {But I'd like to hear of headphones in the $300-$450 range as a future upgrade or alternate option if it's significantly better}.

    Music genres are EDM, Rock, Rap, Country, and some orchestral stuff And subgenres thereof. Also will be used for Gaming and multi-media theatrical viewing.

    Comfort and build quality are the most important, followed by what I want in the sound, and finally, the quality of said sound. I'd preferably like headphones with a removable cable for versatility while on the go, or at the desk. With a standing desk and the PC on the floor, turned sideways, and at the far corner of the desk, it's a distance to get to my head, at the same time, I don't need a 10-foot cable tripping me up while I'm out and about.

    I want the best definition, detail, depth, and soundstaging that a highly isolated closed back headphone can provide. A neutral, clear, transparent sound is paramount, with sweet sounding highs that don't fatigue, and weighty sub-bass that you can actually hear and feel as well as some smoothness and punchiness. I want that sturdy, focused output and fast, snappy response and a musical naturalness. {{I took all of these terms from the "Describing a sound" thread. I think I'm gonna stop here before anything gets too confusing and contradictory. I really want the best cleanest sound that won't hurt my ears with the highs, and I want maximum isolation and REAL bass/sub bass response without being overly saturated or muddy.}}

    I'd also like a recommendation for IEM's that are equivalent to the recommendation of the above for around half the price range.

    Both have to be usable without an amplification source and on mobile devices, so 32ohms or less, right? Either way, both can and possibly will be amplified using an Astro mixamp, or something of the sort, that way I can game on all platforms. The big headphones will also be coupled with an Antlion modmic for gaming use, as well.
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  2. WyldeGooseChase
    A highly isolating closed back with good soundstage sounds like the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio (Basically a DT770 80ohm with removable coiled cable). However it's definitely V Shaped, not neutral, but the highs aren't really piercing compared to the DT770 32ohm or 250ohm that I heard. The 80ohm won't max out the volume on a Macbook Pro (or my HTC 10), but it comes close. Amplification will improve the sound but it still sounds good imo without.

    A potentially easier to drive alternative is the Soundmagic HP150/151, they're not as precise as the DT770/Custom Studio but they aren't as V Shaped either (though still not neutral). They have a decent soundstage and isolate well enough. Not as comfortable as the DT770 for me.
  3. DX-1113
    The other factors are more important than extremely isolating. I just need it to be a closed back so it IS isolating, you see?

    I'm particularly interested in the comfort, build quality, and TYPE of sound I'm looking for. Quality of sound, and whatever else I left out, as well as extreme isolation are lower on the list than those.

    Also, by 'mobile' I was more thinking of my phone than a laptop. But, okay. Seems like I won't have to be limited to as low an ohm count as I thought.
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  4. ostewart
    If your budget can stretch to them, the Beyerdynamic DT1770 is even better.

    Also take a look at the Meze 99 Classic.
  5. DX-1113
    The more I see a "3" or higher at the beginning of the price, the more I think "not for me"

    200-250 is my real max range, and I'm gonna go ahead and say I'll never spend more than 300 absolute max hard limit on headphones. Unless I hit the powerball or something. Then it's all out.

    And any IEMs I get are only getting half of those amounts.

    Anyway, what's the closest you can get me to all of my desires in my price range?

    Order of importance is
    -Sounds the way I want it to {4th paragraph of OP, type of sound is more important than maximum isolation}
    -Quality of sound
    -Compatible with mobile devices without amplification {Phone, tablet. Guess this means sub 125-150ohms or so?}
    -Comfort/Build quality
    -Removable cable {I really kinda want this, but I can always just get an extension, you know?}

    For the IEM recommendation that's the equivalent to the big ones:
    -Sounds the way I want it to {4th paragraph of OP, type of sound is more important than maximum isolation}
    -Compatible with mobile devices without amplification {Phone, tablet. Guess this means sub 125-150ohms or so?}
    -Quality of sound
    -Build quality {Needs to last a long azz time. At least longer than the headphones that came with my S7 when I bought it on release week. And those are still kicking today, just lackluster now with how the silicone thingies fall off and the isolation isn't the best}
    -Comfort {I'll be making custom insertions out of 32DB+ NRR ear-plugs}
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  6. WyldeGooseChase
    I guess another option since you're looking for closed, neutral, but with soundstage is the M40x "Zeos edition" (a.k.a., getting a M40x and adding ZMF cowhides). I've never tried it, but if you believe Zeos, it takes the neutral sound of the M40x, adds soundstage with the cowhide pads. I'd imagine it'd add a ton of bass due to pad material but like I said, I've never tried it personally.

    Also just an fyi, ohms aren't the only thing that makes a headphone "hard to drive". You also need to take the sensitivity of the drivers into account. Low impedence/ohms but with low sensitivity will still be hard to drive (i.e., Fostex T50rp MK3 or Hifiman He400i).
  7. DX-1113
    Okay. Just so I'm not wrong, isn't it good to have a high sensitivity no matter what? And that would be the "signal to noise ratio" yes?

    Any equivalent recommendation for IEMs and 2.0 channel PC bookshelf style speakers? My old ass 2.1 system annoys the people downstairs due to the bass vibrating my floor/their ceiling.
  8. WyldeGooseChase
    I'm nowhere near an expert on this haha, but basically as I understand it, Impedance (ohms) determines how much Voltage is needed to get a milliwatt, Sensitivity is the Sound Pressure Level (volume in dB) per milliwatt.

    Both numbers are important to how "easy" a headphone is to drive, but note that dB is measured exponentially. 90dB is very hard to drive, closer to 98~100 is easier to drive. Ohms aren't exponential, so differences in Ohms (i.e., 60ohm vs 80ohm at the same Sensitivity) will be less dramatic than difference in Sensitivity (i.e., 93dB vs 100dB at the same impedance).

    Also admittedly this is the limit of my knowledge so if others can clarify / correct if needed, please do so haha.

    I don't think these numbers express signal to noise. I typically just get that info from reviewers honestly.
  9. Malfunkt
    I’d look into the Shure SRH-840. It is a studio professional headphone that is closed back, very comfortable, has a great mid-range, great bass. Works very well for music and gaming. Has a coiled cable but that is actually useful as it won’t get snagged and has some give. Easy to drive. Just a great all-rounder
  10. DX-1113
    Bump, I suppose. Any suggestions for IEMs and 2.0 channel bookshelf style speakers for my PC?
  11. DX-1113

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