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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by qusp, May 4, 2009.
  1. qusp Contributor
    It is my pleasure to be the one to start this feedback thread for B[van], Bevan commissioned a very special copper LOD from me, he is a man after my own heart, as the materials he wanted to work with and willingness to try something new that made this job a bit of fun. I suggested we try a new wire (cryoparts) as it fit the bill for his needs for a UP-OCC copper LOD nicely. Always patient in our communications and understanding that the wire had to be ordered in specifically from OS, so would not be ready straight away. We talked for a while about his options and once decided he paid straight away, he is a man of discerning tastes and went for pretty much every upgrade I suggested [​IMG]. You may call him noob because of his post count, but he is off to a very fine start thats for sure.

    All in all a totally painless transaction and I can without hesitation recommend him to anyone thinking of doing business with him.

    Thanks Bevan!!

  2. qusp Contributor
    Dealt with Bevan again, this time a silver livewires cable, this was something I was unfamiliar with, but since I had the connectors available I agreed. there were a few issues along the way with the connectors and Bevan was very understanding of this. (I have been so incredibly busy lately that his request for a straight mini, got lost somewhere in my mind. I had made a test cable and sent to a friend and this used a right angle mini, I stupidly duplicated this with Bevan's cable. I have offered to sort this out, we will see what happens from there.
    as always it was a pleasure doing business, payment was immediate and communications always pleasant.

    Highly recommended

  3. Rip N' Burn
    I bought Bevan's custom TF10 quad driver iem. Very smooth and easy transaction. The shipping was incredibly fast and it came with the accessories and frequency graph. If Bevan ever has anything else for sale that I want to buy, I would not hesitate to buy from Bevan again. Highly recommended. Thanks
  4. killkli
    Bought Livewire Trips from Bevan, Great Head-fier. Smooth deal and great earphone!

    Thank you Bevan.
  5. Poimandres
    Overall a great guy to deal with.  Very fast payment highly recommended would sell to again.   Thanks!
  6. Bat King
    I sold Bevan my Alessandro MS1i. He was a pleasure to deal with - came through very quickly despite having internet troubles. He even took the CC paypal fees for me! Would love to do business again. Thanks a lot!
  7. bpfiguer Contributor
    I sold a mini-mini cable to Bevan. The communication was great and the payment was quick. Highly recommended.
  8. lag0a
    Received a Whiplash Audio Twag 54" Replacement Custom IEM Cable from B[van]. A straight trade for the Etymotic ER4S. Fast shipping, Great Communications, and Easy Transaction. Thanks for the cable as it works wonders and enjoy the ER4S.
  9. uhnoel
    Sold a Shure PTH module to Bevan.
    Payment was very fast, and communication was perfect.
    Thanks for an easy transaction!
  10. uhnoel
    Sold a PTH module to Bevan.
    Everything went perfectly.
  11. super_fied
    Bevan has been a real pleasure to deal with, always a man of his word and will always seal the deal once he commits to it. Highly recommended!

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