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AZ Headfi impressions thread 10/5/19

  1. koover
    Please post your impressions here.
  2. hear
    I heard a lot and learned a lot. I really appreciate everyone that shared their time, equipment and knowledge. Great job, thank you.
  3. Ziltoid2112
    This was my first meet and I had a great time! I learned a lot and everyone there was great to talk to. There were three pairs of headphones that really caught my interest. The Focal Clears (which I just ordered), the Audeze LCD-4z (which I'll get in the next few years), and the modded Grados Koover brought. I'm still determining what my next amp will be, but I'm thinking a nice solid-state amp (<$2000, unless it's the last amp I'll ever need) that will pair well with Aeon Flow Closed as well as the Focal's and Audeze pairs mentioned. Thank you everyone for the great time and thanks to those who organized the meet!
  4. vinyl head
    upload_2019-10-10_11-0-10.jpeg upload_2019-10-10_10-59-4.jpeg

    This was our first meet. Met a number great people. Amanda and I had a great time.

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  5. uninked
    Did the other ibasso raffle winner hear anything? Crickets here.

    Otherwise, I had a great time. Good gear, great people.

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