Ayre Acoustics "Codex" DAC/Headphone Amp

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  1. DoctaCosmos
    Yes very unfortunate
  2. moemoney
  3. Uri Cohen
    Ordered the Codex on Friday, will take about 3-4 weeks for me to get it. I demo the unit at home for three days (the unit was fully break-in). Running Codex RCA out to the Woo Audio WA6-SE to Grado GS2000e was so musical that it made music that I don't like musical. The Sing-End Amp of the Codex is good but not great. Balanced will be best however I was planning to use my tube amp for my main amp. If you are planning to get the Codex as DAC only RCA out, then you are still doing good. Balance is preferred but don't feel back to use it DAC only via RCA out.
  4. itsikhefez
    Did anyone try upgrading the fuse inside the Codex? What rating is it ?
  5. DoctaCosmos
    Anyone use a codex and utopia? Just a random though figured it’d be a great pairing
  6. tufundra
    Hey Docta Cosmos I am listening to that combo as I type. I think this is a excellent combo. I love Ayre Acoustics Codex with my k812’s also. I think the Codex is great in balanced mode with moderately efficient dynamic headphones. I have a a more expensive dac and headphone amp separates and don’t really here a advantage. The Codex always calls me back with it sound and pre amp capabilities with my def tech mythos stl’s also. I have tried many other dac amp combos that are supposed to sound better but still haven’t found one that as a package sounds better than my Codex, Chord Hugo TT, Questyle etc.
  7. DoctaCosmos
    I’ve heard both the codex and the Hugo TT and while different styles I can’t believe you find the codex to be better than your TT! Not saying you’re wrong but would def like to hear it for longer session with more heapshones
  8. tufundra
    I don’t have a tt I just heard it at the audio store. I think for the price the Codex is more bang for the buck. I listened the hugo tt didn’t do anything to make me want to buy it.
  9. DoctaCosmos
    Listening using your utopias or other headphones? The chord sound is a very distinct one however I’ve found some headphones dont morph themselves to it. An example the Elear and the aeon flow plugged into a mojo make for a remarkable classic sound that while good isn’t the unorthodox visual scape the chord sound can deliver. In fact I’d argue the mojo would be a better bag for buck compared to the codex. However, scoot the mojo aside and bring in the Hugo2 and the aeon completely transforms to a different headphone with an ethereal visual presentation with absolutely magical microdynamics and details that only add to the musical Rembrandt portrayed. The Elear on the other hand, still sounds almost exactly like it did with the mojo. Now Im not saying the utopia is incapable of scaling up with equipment rather wondering if something In the similar design of the driver keeps it from opening up
  10. Uri Cohen
    Still waiting on my Codex to arrive to my local dealer. I was thinking about running my headphones via four pin XLR to the Ayre dual-mono balance 3.5mm connectors. Should be cheap to get this adapter made from Moon-Audio and use the standard XLR cables that I have.
  11. austinpop
    Did you ever get an answer to this? Does the Codex even have a fuse inside? It would be interesting to replace it with a Synergistic Blue or some such.
  12. music_man
    I was very sorry about Charlie. I knew him. You never know when it is your last day so make the most of every one.

    I find the codex better than my Dave. So there you go. The qx-5 slaughters the Dave. I would not set my sights as low as the Hugo. The codex will kill it imo. Forget the fuse. It is not in the audio path and upgrading it in those cases should do absolutely nothing.
  13. music_man
    replaced input transformer with r core, all new nwi caps and Vishay resisters, lundahl output transformers, oil/paper output caps musicap, output opamps replaced w/bipolar jfets, replaced crystals with piggyback femto, replaced oscillator, upgraded fuse, all occ silver wire, few other things. warranty over! it was anyways prompting me to do this. it was a very solid dac even in 2018 with 9038pro. now, it walks on the qx-5 twenty. I have them both right here. I have said many times that a chip dac the sound is not so much the dac chip but everything else. that is why you see dacs with the same chip for $ and $$$$$
  14. austinpop
    I’m intrigued, @music_man.

    Did you have someone do these mods for you? I’d be interested to find out more. How much did it cost?
  15. cygnusx
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