Ayre Acoustics "Codex" DAC/Headphone Amp

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  1. cygnusx
    Congrats! I spoke to Ayre a few years back about the popping sound when changing sampling rates and they basically told me that there was nothing that could be done. We just have to deal with it. It's one the cons we have to live with. The good thing is that the overall sound and value is still worth it.
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  2. ChaseM
    Is the popping noise limited to when the dac is used as an amp? I use mine as a dac and haven't had any popping when changing sampling rates. And I go through tons of playlists on Roon that switch sampling rates nearly every song.

    Edit: just for clarity sake I'm running it MacBook running Roon > Cardas Clear USB > Codex > Cardas Clear Balanced Interconnects > KGSSHV Carbon
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  3. cygnusx
    No it also happens when using it as a standalone DAC. I experimented with both settings. As long you don't keep flipping through songs in the middle of them, it's not too bad. If you let it play through song lists, it's not too bad.
  4. ChaseM
    Hmm, interesting. I'll have to do some critical listening to try to discern exactly what your talking about. I haven't specifically listened for it. But in the 3 months I've had the Codex I haven't noticed it.
  5. cygnusx
    If you listen to mainly PCM files, it seems to be pretty good. If you start mixing PCM files with different rates with DSD files, then you may hear something. Everybody's mileage seems to be different, I'm sure the source makes a difference as well.
  6. cygnusx
    I'm not sure about the usb cable but some users on computer audiophile were saying that Ayre uses volex power cables.
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  7. ChaseM
    I just spent a fairly good amount of time switching between sampling rates. This included going between DSD and PCM multiple times. I even pushed the volume up to listen for anything. I can't hear anything. No popping or strangeness at all.

    Weird, why would some units show symptoms and others not?
  8. cygnusx
    Curious...what revision version are you running? I'm running 1.3. Good for you :). Honestly, as good as the Codex is I've upgraded to a discrete R2R ladder DAC and it's a significant improvement especially for pcm files. I'm keeping the Codex as a headphone amp/DAC but it's no longer in my main system.
  9. ChaseM
    I'm also running 1.3
  10. cygnusx
    I wouldn't sweat it. Just enjoy it since you don't have this issue. I suspect the Codex doesn't like my source feeding the music. In any case, I've wasted enough time on it. :)
  11. bmoregnr
    When you guys say 1.3 is that a Codex update? I wasn't aware there was one. I was playing around with changing rates with the mac midi section as well as JRiver and sometimes it's silent and other times not; I'm thinking is is more a reaction with the powered monitors.
  12. music_man
    no popping if you add silence on track change. I also highly recommend cardas but the hs. the clear is ayre's reference. I would also get a nice power cord and conditioning with avr,balanced power or best battery. an online ups from tripp is not too expensive. dirt cheap used but you will probably need a battery. just make sure it is online, true sinewave. better than any power conditioner period imo. I have been running the qx5. there is only a minor upgrade in the dac sound regardless of what ayre says but I enjoy the other features. they have their equipment crippled. the chip in the qx5 can do dsd 2048. it is limited to 128. bs for a 14 grand unit. even so short of the msb select downstairs it is my favorite dac. I know 14 grand might be a lot but better than over 100 grand with power bases!
  13. bmoregnr
    I wanted to report back since it probably seemed like I was jumping on this issue, that for USB I am now feeding the Codex with the SOTM sms-200 and it is playing much much nicer on the sample rate change front where I am getting just a faint click now; much as would be expected. My output from the mac is via optical and it is also liking the sample rate changes better now with just a small click. Everything is sounding great and I really love the Codex with hopefully more benefits ahead as everything settles in more over time.
  14. alcarvalho
    I have my Codex for almost 2 years and since a few weeks or months ago it stopped working when playing Tidal HiFi tunes as source with exclusive mode enabled, connected to my computer through USB. I have a MacBook Pro Retina 15", with latest Sierra 10.12.6 (16G29). I have tried connecting it directly to my computer or through an Apple Thunderbolt Display.

    It works with Tidal Master songs, though. Inspecting the configuration options on Audio MIDI Setup, it's only allowing me to configure the sample rate but bit depth is fixed to 24-bit Integer.

    Both of these things make me suspect that it's the lack of being able to select 16-bit depth that's causing the problems with Tidal HiFi tunes. I just hear noises when playing those.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. Turdski
    RIP Charles Hansen :frowning2:
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