AXPONA 2017 Impressions Thread

  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    Yeah, the MicroZOTL was at the Janszen table, but they also had MrSpeakers' electrostats paired with a new prototype stat amp at the LTA booth. It was the large amp on the right side of their exhibit.
  2. maverickronin
    So much stuff to see...  I missed that one.
  3. mrspeakers Contributor

    Yes, they were demoing with our electrostatic prototype.  They're one of the vendors we've been talking to to help "energize" the <$5K electrostatic market.  Our goal is to get complete systems to market in the price range of good TOTL dynamic or planar systems.  
  4. mrspeakers Contributor
    By the way, thanks to everyone who stopped by.  I continue to really enjoy Axpona, there's just a really fun and friendly vibe with lots of classic "2 channel" stereo enthusiasts seeming to have the headphone bug.  And whole families attending, which is something I really enjoy seeing.  
  5. Fastnbulbous
    After participating on the forums for 11 years, I finally made it to my first convention. I did not plan to write up individual headphones, since I did not have a consistent source to compare them with, or very much time with each headphone, but I did make a rough list based on the brief impressions. And I did rave a bit about the MrSpeakers Ether E, as it was best in show IMHO!
  6. ztatic
    David Janszen, here. I probably should have spent a few minutes on this forum before the show, but I was at ~80 hours/week for many weeks designing partially done parts and PC boards, and dealing with supplier problems and my own mistakes while keeping the speaker biz running. I barely managed to get two prototypes ready the evening before the AXPONA, then finally managed a 1 a.m. arrival at a hotel in Rosemont.

    What I showed was an absolute first pass prototype with many compromises and errors both internal and external. I could list everything I'm changing as I develop the second prototype version for the crowdfunding campaign video, but really, the only thing that will remain exactly the same is the energizer circuit, which is one of two inventions I'm patenting from the design. I'll be posting new renderings eventually, and anyone who's interested should join our email newsletter list to stay apprised -- join button is at the bottom of our web pages.

    For those who made the effort to stop by and have a listen, thank you so much for your feedback. My main goal for the show was to gather reactions as further design guidance beyond my own sensibilities, of which I received a fair number. I also heard compliments on the sound, much appreciated. Those compliments let me know I'm on the right track, which was great reassurance.

    The broad primary notes for improvement were to better integrate the bass, make the headset properly adjust to fit everyone's heads and seal well, move the on/off touch sensor to where it won't be hit accidentally, make the cans lighter and less bulky, have balanced inputs on both cans (3.5 mm) allowing audiophile 'Y' cables instead of a single unbalanced input on one can, and hide the can-to-can wires (which are needed to convey power and bias between cans).

    Importantly, the production version will also be something like 6 dB more sensitive and somewhat higher in impedance, allowing most cell phones to drive them to at least 100 dB levels, whereas some cell phones were having a tough time making loud sound with the relatively insensitive prototypes due to using 3D printed components that would only allow about half the correct bias voltage, as well as sub-optimal signal path aspects that will be corrected.
  7. audi0nick128
    Than you ztatic for this detailed response.

    I understand, that these are still early in development.
    I will sign up to the newsletter and keep and eye out for news :wink:


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