Axelvox HD 241 sacrificed to resurrect a K 240 Monitor (pics included)

  1. Shoewreck
    I think you know of the cheaper AKG knock-offs. I've recently bought one, intending to use it as parts source to my ol'beat K 240 Monitor. I've done a little pictorial:
    These two do look pretty similar. You guess which one is a classic.
    I did try these for a short time: good clamping force, lots of bass, enough treble to shine through. Mids are not as prominent. Headstage is rather big, with good postioning. I actually did like the sonic signature and would recommend these phones, given the price.
    The cable is a bit microphonic, slightly stiffer than original AKG.

    I gently pulled the nameplate out and unscrewed the small cover. Please note that thread pitch is different, so you'd better not use Axelvox screws to reassemble AKGs.
    IMG_0738.JPG Plastic molds are very similar, just somewhat coarse. Headband attachment oar feels less brittle, but only time would tell. There is a small hook that holds the rubber band. It makes reassembly a bit easier.
    Cable attachment is the same.
    Once unsoldered and unscrewed the headband is free. Please compare the old and the new one:
    As you can see, I had to use heatshrink to keep AKG headband pieces together. I was going to reassemble the headband keeping as many original AKG parts as possible.
    AKG parts look fine, rubber band is worn and due to be replaced. Screws look lamost identical.
    Headband refresh is done. As you see, most parts are easily interchangeable. The only major difference is baffle, driver and cardan:
    ... and Axelvox. A bigger driver does require some modification to it's housing. Actually, the guys are very picky about the sound, note the sticker:
    The lids look similar, except the ornamental rings of AKG:
    The quality of plastic feels worse overall: it's lighter and more resonant. Shame on me I used a gas oven to dry the smaller lids and they deformed. Happily they're pretty the same inside:
    The reassembly was rather boring, so no more pics from here on. I'll post the final looks later if anybody is interested.
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  2. Shoewreck
    Now, the whole thing:
    I guess only an experienced Head-Fier would notice there's something wrong with these AKG's.

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