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Awwan - AW Audio Accessory

  1. Hooran
    Andrew, also known as Awwan on Ebay, has been a pleasure to deal with. His interconnects are well made and prices are very very reasonable. An honest seller who I would definitely recommend to other Head-Fi'ers.
  2. Dudeperm
    i bought a LOD from Awwan one ebay and the shippment was extremly fast. The LOD quality is excellent.
  3. dinkoy
    I can vouch for Andrew too. Superb build quality. Even beats other "well known" brands.
  4. gixxerwimp
    I bought awwan's Etymotic ER•4P adapters for Shure cables. Very prompt delivery. Packaged in an anti-ESD bag. They are well constructed and work like a charm!
    Here's a tutorial I wrote on how to remove the stock cables and install the adapters.
  5. jcotteri
    Does anyone have Andrews contact details? I want to get in contact about a product but he hasn't replied to eBay messages.
    Or does anyone know if the westone 0.78mm pin fit this adaptor
    Thank you,

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