Aww man, my left cup is bottoming out on my SR225s
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Apr 17, 2007
Contrary to what one might believe, I have not been abusing them :/ I do use them constantly and do listen to a good amount of hard stuff, but I digress...

I bought them about ten months ago (still have the receipt, box, etc) from a local 8th Street Music and at first it sounded like ticks or interference or something w/ my sound card but it happens on any source. At certain bass freq. at nominal levels it whaaaaa's and crinkles out.

It's too late at night to call anybody but I suppose a walk-in at 8th Street is out, and am wondering how Grado will handle this
(like still under their warranty?) Anybody have experience with something similiar? And how long they might take to come back (I am considerably close to them)?

Some first post eh?
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Well ok I wouldn't describe it as a straight up 'pops', but definitely something more than a hair would cause. The crease or wrinkle is interesting though, and at least apparently common. And as much as I wanna try fixing it myself
I should fall under my warranty, instead of being one who clearly blew the driver out..

I appreciate your help fellas, and will update tomorrow
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Sounds like one of the common grado problems that are fixable.
I think almost everyone ive come in contact with listens to music way too loud though.
Every time someone hands me headphones, i rip them off my head!

Yeah check for a crease and suck it out or use tape to pull it or a blow dryer etc. That skippy thread is a good read.
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I don't see the reason to advice him to fiddle with the cans if they're still under warranty. Check with the seller or directly with Gradolabs (whatever's the practice in the US) before doing anything that might damage them even more.
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They didn't have a problem w/ me returning them--no rma number though. Just send it in with an enclosed note. It's gonna be a long two or so weeks.

At the same time I really wanna grab the 325is..But another few hundred for an amp is steep.

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