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Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by lff, Sep 10, 2010.
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  1. gilency Contributor
    Thanks for the info. Bought 5 of the albums in this thread including Tatum and Rachmaninoff; all are wonderful and very enjoyable.
    I think I'll buy the Glenn Gould although I am so used to him humming to the music that it would sound strange without it!
  2. ultrabike
    @LFF: Thank you! Never experienced binaural recordings before... Really cool stuff!!!
  3. ConsciousEntity
    Hey guys...
    I just released an instrumental binaural album which effectively walks through the beta/alpha/theta/delta waves. Every track is in a different key, and the BPM for each song slows as the album progresses. The album starts very up, and very discretely works its way down.
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 01 - Clarification [Beta]
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 02 - Intuition [Beta]
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 03 - Transition [Alpha]
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 04 - Communicator [Alpha]
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 05 - Attachment [Theta]
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 06 - Transcendence [Theta]
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 07 - Connectivity [Delta]
    Perceptual Sound - Regeneration - 08 - Regenerative [Delta]
    Hope you guys enjoy my work...
  4. MorbidToaster
    Do you have a download on Bandcamp or the like in lossless?
    Really cool to see some Binarual stuff on iTunes, but as far as I can tell it doesn't say that anywhere. If someone buys it and tries it on speakers you might get some bad reviews...
  5. MorbidToaster
    Have to mention the Chesky release:
    Oh, and if you're interested the B&W Society of Sound has 3 Binaural albums up right now to download for people who sub. Even if you don't want to give them 60 bucks (for 24+ albums to download per year) you can get some Binaural songs as samples. 
  6. matti620
    Thank you for the recommendations. There's a TED talk which presents the technique of recording the re preformances:
  7. LFF

    Very well done video using binaural audio.
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  8. paradoxper
    Just bought all of the albums listed. Never experienced binarual before, but I am enjoying it. Are there any more 
  9. LFF
    There are a few more but I don't even bother recommending them due to their extreme rarity.
  10. dj nellie
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  11. LFF
    Performance is excellent. Binaural recording quality is ok.
  12. Frodo
    I've only just discovered binaural, but I've really enjoyed what I've heard so far.
    A friend of mine just sent me this link: http://youtu.be/uGoa2K11eUA

    Tony Levin; Steve Gorn; Jerry Marotta From the Caves of the Iron Mountain

  13. musical-kage
    Spotify even has some of this stuff!
    Listening to Can - Flow Motion now.
    Isn't it true you can get de-sensitised to this type of recording though, and it'll no longer feel 3D?
    Does this technology have some limits, because of the way it is recorded, that music can sound a bit... flat?
    From listening to Pearl Jam's Binaural CD though, it doesn't sound flat though. In fact, its a bit... disorientating, but some instruments sound processed due to the technique used.

    From the Caves of the Iron Mountain sounds awesome by the way!

  14. musical-kage
    This one works amazingly:
    On the shaking of the matches, you can actually hear both surround around you, and ceiling/floor positions too. Not heard that before.
  15. Frodo

    Me neither, the up/down was movement was very cool, but I almost jumped out of my skin when the guy whispered in my left ear.
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