Auzentech Opamp upgrades now available!
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Aug 25, 2005
Auzentech is now selling high end opamps for upgrading their cards. You can also order Auzen soundcard with them installed and fully tested.
Opamp upgrade page: LINK
They are offering some nice units. Has anybody here tested any of the available units? I know the OPA627's are said to be one of the best OPA's available for audio.
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Wow.. What's with the prices? Aren't those cheaper if bought from an OEM?

EDIT: Never mind.. looked them up. That's not bad I guess, how does the OPA627 compare to the LM4562s?
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@mrarroyo, According to the site the OPA627/637's are on dual SOIC to DIP8 adapters. The prices is for two soldered to the adapter and tested.
@7even, The Opa627 has the typical laid back Burrbrown sound but it is very clear and "tube like" hard to explain I guess if you have never heard the chip.
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The OLM4562's are nice chips and national won quite a few awards for that model. To me it doesn't quite sound up to the quality produced by the 637's. They are somewhat clearer and have more articulation. OPA627's are nice too.

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