Auzentech HTHD 7.1 coming to market
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Aug 25, 2005
We have a new soundcard coming to market for those interested in internal cards.
Auzentech announced today they will be releasing the much anticiapted Auzentech Home Theater HD 7.1. Card offers full HDMI capabilities through HDMI digital connection aswell as full support for high resolution audio tracks over analog outputs.

Auzentech HTHD 7.1 Press Release
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The HTHD 7.1 are finally shipping for those that are interested.
Looking over the design and spec on the site, I noted they have a built in headphone amplifier also. I wonder if it is similar to the Forte 7.1 which uses a proprietary design over a chip based solution as the amplifier on that card is built from 12 discrete transistors.
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