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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. bharat2580
    I would also love to see you guys, and hear the AK70 if someone has it or the new Sony MW1A. in the market for a new dap.
     missed the last 2 meets due to exams and meetings, now that the master thesis is almost done, i am ready to come , hope the next meet is no on the 6th or 10th feb. i have my masters defence.
  2. RAFA
    I am not sure, is there a fixed date for the next meeting?
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    as I understood, it will be the 25th of Feb....
    Please correct anybody if I'm wrong!
    BR heinz
  4. RAFA

    Thank you Heinz. 25th Feb is ok for me. If everything goes ok, I will bring a Stax 2170 system with me, which is praised by people in the internet :)
  5. plakat

    I can bring my AK70 along. Lovely thing btw, nice design, compact and lightweight.

    We were asking around for end of February, but a lot of people seem to not be available on Feb. 25th. So maybe we'll delay till they end of March -- which might increase our chances fort Heinz bringing a prototype with him...

    And just to be clear: you don't need an invite... just join us.
  6. RAFA

    End of the month is always ok for me. I will keep following this thread :)
  7. bharat2580
    I have the fostex TH-X00 mahogany and a Aune B1 portable amp which I can get along with the little dot mk IV
  8. almoskosz
    I would love to listen to it!
  9. almoskosz
    Sadly, I am not located in Vienna, I live in Hungary, but I'm glad to hear you've been invited, so I will have the opportunity to listen to it there. Already looking forward to it :)
  10. FritzS

    Please don't forget - the 25th is the 'Faschingssamstag' - on this day are many 'Faschingsumzuege'!  [​IMG] 
  11. Edgar Kaksis
    Hi all,
    somehow notification system has abandoned me again and I missed all the discussion. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! As I will not be able to be there on February 25th, hoping for the beginning of March.
  12. FritzS
    Beginning March are better for me too!
  13. HirschiAUT
    Same here, February is pretty stuffed already :)
  14. Kornasteniker
    As Plakat stated, maybe it would be better to move the date to March. The Difficulty however would be that the Kontaktraum will maybe already be booked. And in march the new semester will already have started. Did anyone notify @ampair about the date issue?
  15. plakat

    Yes, i asked Himmel look wether the room is available on march 18th or 25th, but no status yet
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