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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. almoskosz
    Hi guys again!
    Since last october, when I attended the meeting, I had somewhat of a break from the hifi world. I am proud to announce that I am back and would love to meet you guys and your headphone lineup again.

    I'd be bringing my Hifiman HE400i with a Schiit Magni 2 uber and Modi multibit setup!

    Anxiously awaiting the organisation of the meet!
  2. plakat
    I think a realistic time frame is February... the weeks before Christmas are too busy, holidays are not suited either, January is a busy time at university.
  3. FritzS

    mid to end February or early March.
  4. xxx1313
    February/March is both great. Looking forward to seeing you again!
  5. BlendedTwice
    I'm an American, but the last time I was able to make it through Austria I went to a small restaurant called MINI. It was incredible. Anyone in Vienna been there recently? I have dreams about that place sometimes. :blink:
  6. Kornasteniker
    Yep, I'd say February to the first week of March would be a really nice time for the next meet! 
    I just have to say "WOW" to the new HE-350 Massdrop Edition. For their approx. 100 bucks, they are very well worth 100 or 200 Dollars more, Except for the build quality, but i think that's standard with the HifiMans :wink:
    Greetings from Carintia!
  7. hrklg01 Contributor
    To me, the end of February or even better beginning of March would fit quite well also in my planning.
    Plan to bring first Mysphere 3.1 acoustic proto's... Please press thumbs! :)
    BR heinz
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  8. FritzS
    I wish all here

          Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

  9. bharat2580
     Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year everyone.
  10. Kornasteniker
    Merry Christmas to all from me too!
    @hrklg01 I'm very excited to have a listen to your prototype in February or March! Wish you all the best that you'll get your prototype all up and running until then! Thumbs up!
    hrklg01 likes this.
  11. almoskosz
    Does any of you own a Focal Elear? I would like to audition that a lot. Also, Grado PS1000's that I've heard at the last meet, HD800, TH900 are on my bucket list! :)
  12. Leo Gruber
    there was a bug in posting the first :wink:
  13. Leo Gruber
    Hi almoskosz,
    i own a pair of Elear and i would love to bring them to the next Vienna Meet if i am invited. You can visit me in my office in the 6th district to give them a listen via my Chord Mojo if you like.
  14. hrklg01 Contributor

    Of course you are invited!
    And also we all will be pleased to check out the differencies between Utopia vs. Elear too!
    BR heinz
  15. Leo Gruber
    Hello Heinz,
    thx very much. I will follow this thread to stay updated for the next Vienna Meet.
    All of you have a nice day.
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