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Austin Meet - Winter 2018

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  1. Taowolf51
    I'd be down for a 2017/2018 meet as well! Just moved down to Austin recently! :)
  2. barryt
    I would be my pleasure to support that, got a cool (no, who am I kidding, it's a Class-A current mode amp and runs rather warm) you should hear and a prototype DAC that you might like.
  3. manywelps
    I'm in Austin, so I'd attend.
  4. NBigbee
    I'm in San Antonio but I'd come!
  5. DwayneBT
    We got to get one going in the next coming months. I'm sure many people would come myself included. Count me in!
  6. barryt
    All this is an intrinsically good idea, but as usual the issue is execution. I attended the Houston event earlier this year so I know how bad it can go. I was at Can Jam last month and, well, we can talk about that.

    The last two Austin meet-ups have been delightful, well planned, well executed, with thought. Same with the last Dallas event.

    I will be glad to pitch in do it again here is Austin but I can’t do it alone. Some of you are better at this than I so I would gladly help, but everything starts with one step so here goes.

    So here are some considerations:

    Time - Between this date of November 12 and Jan 4th or 5th of next year a meet-up is out of the picture. The world is a busy in this time of the year. For the audio trade the first weeks in January are for CES, then followed by NAMM, busy time – if we want to tap the mainstream for sponsors or participation we must look at their schedules. Mid-January at best (non-CES participants will be looking of places to show).

    So mid-January to mid-February is a good time window, check your calendars and respond with an opinion, this is a democracy.

    Location - Free is best but reality is that we (yea, I got a frog in my pocket right now) will have to commit some bucks to this. Ideal would be a site with amenities (toilets, water, lights, power, space, furniture, HVAC, parking, security, easy access, close lodging., etc.).

    As well as displaying rigs and devices we want to attract vendors to show products and educate us. . They must be able to get here and show on limited budget, we are after all, no matter how we don't like it, a backwater in the audio flow.

    Program – Show rigs, clever and eargasimic innovations welcomed, It would be nice to plan and have some presentations, the transfer of knowledge, let’s do something different and use the Socratic method over the traditional parochial lecture method.

    Resources – What things do we need to make this happen? PARTICIPATION IS THE BIG ONE – Will you volunteer to do WHAT? (WHAT is TBD)

    The most important question that I can see right now is attendance.

    Who will come to this to see and hear?

    Who will come to this with hardware or software to ‘show and tell’ about?

    Who will come to this to do business?

    Will you come?

    If so then the first directive is – pass this on to everyone you know, tell them to answer, will they come?

    If not, read this again from the beginning, what are you doing here anyway? This is about people who are into sharing audio.


    Respond to this head-fi thread or Barry@austinaudioworks.com

    Let’s see where this goes.

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
    Xeculus, Taowolf51 and Jearly410 like this.
  7. Taowolf51
    Looks like this got separated from the original thread. As I said, I’d definitely be in for a meet, Barry. :)
  8. Xeculus
    I think with the holiday season fast approaching at the time of Barry's post, it might've scared some people away. Would really be excited if we could have an Austin event again like the previous ones. You can count me in for sure
  9. barryt
  10. pwjazz
    I'd definitely be down for attending something in Austin.
  11. lordcloud
    My system is not yet ready for prime time (hopefully early summer). But as soon as it is, I'm always open to visitors bringing music.
  12. Athtel
    I’m down, I live in DFW.
  13. ColtMrFire
    I live in Austin and would be interested as well.
  14. misericorde88
    I’m interested too. New Braunfels
  15. Jearly410
    Count me in from San Antonio
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