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Aussie & NZ Head-Fiers Corner

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  1. greenkiwi
    I have a head-fi adjacent question. I am hoping to setup a near field desktop setup in my office. Are there any speaker brands that one can purchase in NZ without crazy markups on the price? Or speaker brands from NZ that I might never have heard of?

    I've found a few where the prices aren't that much different. I'm tempted by the KEF LS50 Wireless, or maybe the Q350s and the prices aren't that much more. But then I look at other speakers and some prices jump way up.
  2. Brooko Contributor
    I'm using LSR305's - love them

    They're sitting on isoAcoustics stands. Perfect for my desktop.
  3. Audio-Omega
    Has anyone ever been to PAX Australia ? Was it worth it ?
  4. Wyd4
    Hey all,
    How are we?
    This place seems to have less and less Aussie involvement.

    I am selling a pair of Grado RS1i and a pair of Audeze Mobius if anyone is interested.

    Anyone got any tips for good cans that won’t break the bank.

    I am thinking r70x or hd6xx. I really want to try the t60rp but reviews are so mixed I don’t know what to think on those.
  5. greenkiwi
    Open or closed? And define "break the bank"...

    And what is it that you're looking to change? I see you're selling the Mobius & RS1i, which are both quite a good pair of headphones.
  6. Wyd4
    Open or Closed. Use is at home so doesnt matter.
    Break the bank - 0-$700au

    Just a change really.
    But more than anything I want an all rounder.

    The Grado is great but its only got a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

    THe Audeze Mobius are good but just lack a bit of "authenticity" in the sound for me.
  7. greenkiwi
    I really enjoyed the HD650/xx, but then made the jump to the LCD-2 and Mr speakers ethers.

    I found them used for fairly good prices.
  8. Wyd4
    Hey there

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I used the Ether C as my daily driver for about 12 months right before the flow models come out.

    My very first headphone I bought when getting into this stuff were the lcd2 pre fazor. Loved them but the weight was too much for me for long sessions.

    I more recently purchased the lcd2classic and loved them as the sound was familiar but without as much weight. I sold them and vowed I would not return to this hobby.

    Next minute hahaha.

    Looking for something new but it’s getting hard.

    Have owned over the years

    Sr80i that I modded with wood cups and some driver mods etc
    Senn hd650
    Senn hd58x
    Senn hd6xx
    Mr speakers mad dog 3.2
    Alpha dog
    Alpha prime
    Ether c
    Aeon c
    Lcd2 pre fazor
    Shure 215se
    Unique melody Merlin’s
    JH Rosie
    Tralucent Ref1too
    Tralucent Ref1
    Koss portapro
    Orivetti Basic

    There are more but I can’t think off the top of my head.

    There is a reason I tried to get out alive hahaha
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