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Aussie & NZ Head-Fiers Corner

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  1. Loquah
    How much and are you asking and are you interested in any trades?
  2. Wyd4
    I am currently looking to offload some odds and ends .

    Sennheiser Momentum in ears (iems/cable only)
    Orivetti Basic iem (case, box, cable included, not sure about tips, would.need to check the box at work)
    Ifi idefender
    Shure BT1 Bluetooth iem cable.

    Let me know if you might be interested in anything. Open to trades also. Not sure what for as I have iems.

    But open to ideas .
  3. Wyd4
    Hey Ya'll,

    I have a PS Audio LANRover for sale if anyone was curious about trying one.

    Sounds amazing if I am honest in my system.
    I haven't used it over LAN, only point to point, with excellent results.

    I am in the process of needing a PC upgrade for uni so it will likely fund a GFX card or a CPU and MOBO :)

    Have a good one eh>?? :D

  4. gersh
    Sort of new here, anyone in Sydney that does loaners? I know Minidisc have good set ups you can play with but are there any meet ups that happen is Sydney often?
  5. Suopermanni
    @Loquah If I am a first timer at soldering, would it be possible to build a Bottlehead Crack or S.E.X easily if I take my time? And how are the instructions? I'm thinking of trying my hand at it. Just would like some advice like what wattage soldering iron and what kind of solder. Caps and other fiddly bits, I will ask later.
  6. Dogmatrix
    Warning to anyone buying tubes via EBay
    Just received an email from a very friendly chap at Pitney Bowes ie the people who run the dreaded Global Shipping program . Seems the set of four pristine 1944 National Union 7n7 tubes I purchased have been destroyed because they "may have contained mercury"
    I will receive a refund but it is sad to see something like this wasted . Avoid the global shipping program !!
  7. Loquah
    Sorry for the VERY slow response!!! I'm not here as often these days. If you're still wondering, the SEX is actually a more challenging build than the Mainline because it's quite a tight fit with fiddly components. The Mainline is beautifully spaced out and very straight-forward, but it might take a little longer. Both COULD be done by a beginner so long as you're careful and get yourself a little bit of education on soldering (via YouTube videos) before you start.
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  8. White Lotus
  9. Wyd4
    Hi All,

    Do you love your Aeon Opens but lament the offensive noise of the world around you?
    Do you long for moments of peace, oblivious to you surroundings, engulfed by your favorite tracks?

    Do I have a deal for you!!!!

    I have a pair of Aeon Closed.
    Why give up the wondrous sound quality in aid of escape from external turmoil when you can simply swap?

    Why do I wish to complete such a trade when I am living in a world of silent bliss?
    My wife keeps sneaking up on me!!!

    No in seriousness, I do not use my headphones in a work environment anymore and so closed back is not crucial and I would appreciate being able to hear my son when he gets up at night, or my wife when she calls out.

    I need not for silence any longer.

    Drop me a line if you are in a completely dissimilar situation and would consider a trade :)

  10. White Lotus
    Would love to try them one day Scott mate!
  11. Wyd4
    Its a fire sale mate, haha.

    64 Audio U2 $200
    Aeon Closed $700
    Resonessence Concero HP $475
  12. Wyd4
    Hey, not too sure if anyone else visits here anymore haha.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice.

    I am looking to either build or buy a Bottlehead Crack.
    I am curious about building an amp and well I have a love of tubes (coming from a guitar background also).

    That said I am not dead set on building if one comes up that I cannot pass up.

    Does anyone have any advice to a would be first time amp builder? (Yes I can solder, yes I understand dont cross the streams... I have seen Ghost busters).


  13. White Lotus
    Advice on building bottlehead gear?

    Definitely time for @Loquah to chime in.. The dude is an absolute wizard, and has made some of the most beautiful and best sounding amps I've ever heard.
  14. White Lotus
    PS, here is my new toy.

    Valve+SS hybrid headphone amp, and pre-amp.

    Designed and developed in Germany, made in China. Sweeeeeet.

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  15. Wyd4
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