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Aussie & NZ Head-Fiers Corner

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  1. Gwarmi
     Just thought we'd get a corner of Head-Fi going for all Aussie and Kiwi Head-Fier matters,
     (Read: Free up the main headphone forum for our late night ramblings while our North American
      and European friends are asleep)
     Figure this little thread could be a chance to introduce ourselves and discuss all things
     related to Headphone gear matters in this sun burnt country (oh and the land of the
     long white cloud :))
     Could be interesting to chew the fat over where we think the scene is heading and
     share stories over recent meets and that sort of thing.
     Fire away! [​IMG]
  2. Nick01
    Yay! I'll start the gossip. Did you know that Australia is the only country besides the US to get its very own Grado website www.grado.com.au [​IMG]
  3. nikp
    I'm in!
  4. Gwarmi
    Cor you guys are quick!
  5. nikp
    We're aussies! [​IMG]
  6. slaw slaw
    There seem to be alot of Aussies on Head-Fi.  How long till we take over the place?
  7. Gwarmi
    It's around this time that the main forum is over run by the blokes from down under!
  8. Brooko Contributor
    Well I'll chime in for the Kiwis.  Good idea Gwarmi (kudos).
    Have to admit - since pursuing my search for better fidelity - it's been disconcerting that costs down under are so hgih for cans/amps.  At least you guys have slightly better deals than we do - but wouldn't it be nice to have the same resources as our American friends do?  At least I get to travel to the US at least once a year.
    The one thing I do miss is the ability to participate in meets.  One of these days I'll time a NY visit when they're having a meet - now that would be bliss!
  9. Parall3l
    I'm in, anyone else here in Perth ? We got a meet coming next year [​IMG]
  10. Gwarmi


    I've seen the prices over in New Zealand and they're positively frightening
    $699NZ for a AKG K701
    $600ish for a Grado 325i
    The list goes on, it's pretty insane ~ you're better off seeking out the better retailers over here in Oz to see who's willing to send stuff over from here with
    reasonable freight (assuming it gets through customs A.OK)
    A good local meet though can drag up some goodies ~ one thing that I've learnt is that you never know who is silently lurking as we type,
    never posting but if given the chance to show at a meet ~ would so with a lot of unexpected, exciting gear.
    There's a guy down here who rarely posts and yet he has a baby Orpheus Sennheiser Electrostatic HE60 that he drags to meets on occasion!
  11. Anthony1
  12. Nick01
    The Denon D7000 is retailed for $1,788 at Addicted to Audio. Speechless!!
  13. Anthony1
    Anybody want to share any good import stories/ideas on buying gear from the US and getting here.
    I buy on Amazon and send it to some friends in the US and then on send to me.
  14. Gwarmi


    Yeh I know Nick,
    And it shall be a special 'order item' only due to laws stating it must be advertised at the recommended retail as set
    by the official distributor. The real price is lower but the item must be special order :-/
  15. Parall3l


    I got a real bad one here, I bought some Turbines and they broke within a month, had to send it back to amazon. They only gave me 9 days and express shipping costed $80 (3-4 days), almost as much as the turbines, so I went with the $40 standard shipping (3-10 days). Now I'm sitting home worried that I'm not going to my money back [​IMG]
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