Aus & NZ: New Version Phonak PFE Black with Mic (for iPhone etc) with extras. $90.
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Jan 14, 2009

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I am only looking to sell to Australia or New Zealand. 
For sale:
Retail for approx $180.
Phonak Audeo PFE with mic and button, black, bonus Shure tips and carry-case:
These are the new version (V1) with improved cables and sturdier housing.
In 'as new' condition. 
These come with a bonus semi-hard case (as pictured) as well as they stock soft case (not pictured, never used) as well as three pairs of the very popular Shure Olives foam tips (medium) and all the stock tips (S M L silicone & unused comply foamies medium.) 
The stock tips have virtually never been used as I used the Shure Olives all the time. In my opinion the shure tips run a little big for a medium, so they won't suit really small ears. Please note the Shure tips need to be modified to fit the PFEs (this is done with stretching the inner tube. Easy to do!) The supplied shure tips are brand new, never used.
The original box is in good condition, as are all the accessories, including spare filters (grey for a brighter sound, black for a bassier sound) cleaning tool, and detachable silicon ear glides. 
Button and mic work very well with my iPhone. These earphones work fine on any other mp3 player / audio jack, but the mic and button add extra functionality to an iPhone or iPod etc. The great thing is that the mic and button are very low profile and discreet, so it doesn't feel like you're wearing a specialist headset.  
One thing to note is that the little glider in the middle that slides up and down the y-split is a little stiff. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I can't see this affecting the functionality in any way but please note this before buying! 
Price: $90 AUD
Happy to arrange pick up in Melbourne (Central or Inner North) or will securely & promptly post for $5 to Aus or NZ. 
Pictures up again soon!


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