[AUS] HD600 + Cardas Cable + Garage Sale
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Mar 29, 2013
G'day fellow headfi'ers,

Up for sale is my Sennheiser collection with the best pairing aftermarket cables among those all that I have tried.

(Update: I will throw in a Genuine Beyerdynamic Headband rrp $25 for HD600s for sweetening the deal further a bit)

They are all in mint condition (none of them have more than 25hrs, 5 mins with HD25s with untouched accessories) and come with full factory packaging and accessories. The headbands are protected from as shown the first day so they should remain extremely pristine. I am still keeping the receipts (from authorised dealers) for HD600s and 650s so they should still be under warranty. For the HD25 adidas version, I bought them brand new recently for collection as they look so awesome and sound surprisingly neutral/well controlled.

The cables are:

1) Silver Dragon (Latest Version) 1.5m terminated with Furutech 6.35mm single end (Sold)

2) Genuine Cardas original handcrafted cable 3m terminated with dual Neutrik XLRs

The reasons for this sale are I need the cash to offset some recent unexpected expenses and I simply own too many headphones.

I am asking[COLOR=FF0000] US$300[/COLOR] or [COLOR=FF0000]AUS$400[/COLOR] for them plus shipping and paypal fees (if any), the original rrp was over AUS1800. I strongly prefer to sell them as a whole package tho we can probably work out something as long as the price is right. Shipped from a pet, kids, smoke free home in Sydney.

For trades, I might be keen on the gear listed below (with cash adjustments):

- Violectric V281 230V

- Schiit Ragnarok 230V

- Eddie Current Balancing Act 230V

- Blue Hawaii Special Edition 230V

- Woo Audio WES 230V

- Audio Technica HA5000 amp 230V (maybe)

- Fit-ear to go 334

- Shure se846


- Wireworld Platinum Starlight7 USB cable 6ft/2m

Any other questions, more than welcome to ask!


Thanks for reading!

Good luck!

(p.s. I also have quite a few nice gear in great condition for sale now while the classifieds have not yet been written up which includes:

1) Matrix M-stage Amp (New) @ $160

2) Sony XB-500 headphones @ $50

3) Monster Beats Studio headphones (New/Like New) @ $150

Please PM me if you have any interests on these, that saves me a whole of time and I will give substantial discount on multiple purchases.


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