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(Aus) Burson HA-160 for sale - discount for Sydney head-fiers

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    For Sale
    Up for sale is my Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier. The unit was purchased directly from Burson Audio by myself over a year ago. My reason for selling is that it hardly gets any use anymore - I simply don't have time to indulge in home audio the way I used to.
    The unit has no marks or scratches that I'm aware of. I would estimate the unit to have approx 300hrs usage, and I have the original box and packaging. The unit still has about 7 months of warranty left.
    The price I'm looking for is $sold. As usual I'll offer Sydney head-fi'ers a special price for local pick-up: $sold. I'm also selling a black Pico DAC-Only (and possibly a Sennheiser HD600 as well), and would be willing to negotiate a package deal with even further discounts.
    My buyer/seller feedback is in my signature.
Thread Status:
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