Aurisonics ROCKETS: Impressions Thread
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I just saw this on their facebook page and wondering what it is.. any guesses?

(Update 1/3/2014)


[COLOR=800080]Preliminary Impressions:[/COLOR]

Shotgunshane preferred ROCKETS over the ASG-1, ASG-2 or the IE800

[COLOR=FF00AA]"I'm pretty impressed with the tiny 5.1mm driver. Frankly, I prefer the Rockets to the asg-1, asg-2 and the ie800. I'll be jumping on the kickstarter program."[/COLOR]


Johnnytk36's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"First I listened to the Rockets, These are a new consumer focused headphones that Aurisonics just announced last week. They sounded so different from anything I have ever listened to. I truly don't know how to describe these, though my first thought was that everything sounded crystal clear, and not overbearing. What I can tell you is that they sounded great, way better than my ER-4Ps. There was bass, my god, great sounding bass in in-ear headphones, and the perfect mix of it. The one thing that makes these headphones stand out is that no matter how loud I turned up the volume, there was no distortion and the sound never became overbearing. Dale does this by turning the sensitivity down. I think these headphones would be perfect for kids, to protect their hearing, which is why he did that. He told me how the story of a time he was able to hear the headphones of one of his kids sitting in the back seat all they way in the front seat where he was sitting, and he said never again to himself. He told me of some other things he has in the works to protect people's hearing, but you will have to wait till he announces them, as I can't remember if he wanted those to be made public yet."[/COLOR]


audio360's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Yes, they are as close to indestructable as we're likely to see in IEMs for some time. But the real treat happens when you actually listen to them. We had a chance to do just at NAMM 2014 recently. Here's what we discovered...
The Rockets have a slighty warm signature that presents a wide variety of genres without offense. And they're are as adept at rendering high-res music as they are forgiving of compressed music.
But the most astounding thing is that they have the best isolation - by far - of any universal IEM we've ever heard.
You'd better hurry up if you want these at a great price - there are only three days left get in on the deal."[/COLOR]


jrkong's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Well I prefer the ROCKETS>ASG-2.5 almost solely because of the sound signature since it doesn't feel as coloured and feels more revealing. The overall balance of the ROCKETS just make those minute details that hide in the upper mids and treble like background vocals much easier to pick out as the bass doesn't overshadow them at all. "[/COLOR]


Theogenes impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"It seems to strike a really nice balance between detail and a smooth sound signature. I personally gravitate towards a lot of detail and texture, but I don't find the sound of these objectionable at all-- kind of the opposite, at least thus far. "[/COLOR]


Idsynchrono_24 A/Bing with Zero Audio Tenore:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"I did some A/Bing against my previous budget champ the Zero Audio Tenore and found that the Rockets would present the same songs with better depth and width compared to the Tenore. Back to back, the Tenore feels flatter, the musical elements sounding like they're aligned along a horizontal axis from left to right whereas the Rockets projected some of these elements forward and back in space; the layering/depth was better, to put it simply. Vocals in particular had superior forward projection on the Rockets, feeling more as though the vocalist was in front of you instead of an amorphous blob suspended between your ears. I'd say the sound stage feels kind of like a fan with the Rockets able to project sounds seemingly above and in front of you as well as to your left and right."[/COLOR]


elnero's brief comparison with RHA 750i:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"In a brief comparison with my RHA 750i's I found I preferred the 750i's bass and more spacious soundstage. The 750i's felt larger, more fleshed out but the Rockets did appear to have very nice detail and texture throughout the bass."[/COLOR]


Kyuuketsuki's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Overall these are enjoyably flat. I don't have anything that is perfect flat of follow a DF field or anything like that. Compared to the RE400s I'll take these any day of the week, and are easily better everyday headphones for me. I didn't expect these to take the place of the RE400s as my out and about in ears, but it looks like it will happen that way. I had originally intended these to be my workout and running phones, but that is no longer so. I really can't say if they compete with any top tier as I can't comfortably make any comparisons as all my TOTL listening has been too far gone and the closest I have are the ASG-2s. These just perform well on all music. "[/COLOR]


gnarlsagan's comparison Rockets vs ER4S and Tenore:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Wow wow wow. I never would have believed it. To put this victory in perspective, I bought the original ASG-1 and hated it. I thought it was the worst sounding iem of all time, without exaggeration. With a ton of eq, however, it became apparent that there was hope for a more mature tuning in the future. The ASG-2 arrived and I was one of the first to jump on the hype train. They arrived and I wasn't impressed. I found myself fixating on all of it's flaws, and I sold them soon after. I put Aurisonics out of my mind, wrote them off. I figured they had no respect for flat-style tuning, and I said a lot of negative things about the ASG-2 for a while. When I heard about the Rockets on kickstarter I thought "Who the hell is going to fund Aurisonics. Their first two iems sucked." (I'm being candid here). Then their funding jumped through the roof and they blew past their goal seemingly overnight. "Wow, people must like sh**ty sound," I thought (yes my inner voice is that negative, imagine the restraint I exercise every day lol).

I was 100% totally wrong about Aurisonics.

I usually hesitate to say something so definitive about an iem, because tastes and opinions can change, and who knows if there won't be major build problems with the Rockets like there were on the Tenore, etc. Anything could happen. But right now I feel quite comfortable saying that the Rockets are the best iem I've ever heard."


UnityIsPower impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"The low end quality is truly splendid. Listening to the edges of bass notes is a treat as they show very(VERY) good definition. What this gives the listener is an excellent sense of clarity and so, texture. Rumble, also know as sub-bass, could use a small boost to better bring out grunt for my taste but is otherwise quite clean and present. Thumb, also known as mid-bass, can stay as is. Unlike my small(now smaller) gripe with the deep end, I find the mid bass thumb well elevated for this signature."[/COLOR]


shotgunshane's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Midcentric, better yet- vocal centric, with a rawness and edge. Polite, non-fatiguing but weighty treble. Excellent bass quantity- this is not your typical consumer bass heavy sig- rather it's tight, textured, quick and nimble.

Layering is superb. Vocals are lifted and presented on a platter before the feast. Drums are nicely separated from guitars- The head space is not dramatically wide but has great proportions; most importantly fantastic height that is often missing in many well performing iems. Depth is simply top tier."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Here are some notes from a quick Rockets/UERM comparison for Luisdent:

In find the UERM to more spacious/open sounding with even better layering than the Rockets. The UERM has better dynamics and more precise instrument placement. Overall the UERM comes across as sounding clearer and more resolving of micro detail. The same details are present in the Rockets, just not as easily discernible.

The UERM has more treble emphasis, mainly around 10k but I do not find the full custom as bright as the two demos/uni's I was loaned. The full custom treble is balanced with the rest of the FR. The UERM treble is more articulate but the a Rockets treble has better timbre and weight.

The Rockets lift vocals more front and center, whereas the UERM vocals are slightly more laid back in comparison. Rockets notes are noticeably thicker with slightly more overall bass quantity, so Rockets sound weightier/richer. The Rockets have a little more sub bass presence and rumble. The Rockets raw note edge is also noticeable against the cleaner/sharper note edge of the UERM.

I recommend owning both!"[/COLOR]


eke2k6's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"The biggest things about the Rockets that jump out at me are:
1. Wicked texturing and detail. I'm hearing s**t I've never heard in some of my favorite. Details, newly found harmonics, you name it.
2. Wicked clarity
3. Spectacular imaging. It's almost like the Rockets specialize in ambiance.
4. A soundstage that is waaaayyy more open than I expected. Seriously, I fired up some binaural tracks from Chesky's Explorations in Space and Time, and I was floored. I've uploaded a track to youtube so Rockets owners can behold the awesomeness. You may want to crank the volume a bit:"[/COLOR]
[COLOR=FF00AA]"After a few days of listening...yep, Rockets > ASG-2(.5). Even in vocals, where I thought the ASG-2 was untouchable."[/COLOR]


mejoshua's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"I just had the chance to audition the rockets and the asg2.5 just out of my lg g3. To my ears the Rockets sound better in many ways, and that's not counting my bias from my preferred sound sig. The vocal magic is true to the hype. Lots of detail and clarity in the mid range. Bass is tight, accurate with good speed. Best balance of mid and subbass to me. Treble has v good tonality and realism.

Compared to the rockets the 2.5s sounded slightly veiled and I'm guessing it's because of its heavier bass response. I tested the rockets first so it sounded slightly bloomy/boomy to me with less definition. Vocals on the 2.5 sounded warmer, on the rockets there was greater clarity and I felt there was more detail as well (helps that the vocals were slightly more forward on the rockets). Treble on the 2.5 was more metallic with cymbal crashes and also sounded slightly slower and tonally less accurate to me."[/COLOR]


miceblue's impression and Video review:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Overall I was pretty impressed with them. At $250, the price is a bit too steep for me in my current financial situation, but I'd definitely consider getting a pair for portable and casual listening. My only major gripes with them were the cable noise and the ~6 kHz peak."[/COLOR]



sue4's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA][COLOR=FF00AA]"The overall signature is neutral. No apparent V-shape frequency response. But to my ear, it is not as neutral as Ety ER.4PT. I think it is more like neutral sound w/ a little fun quality added. The shift from the lowest to the highest freq is smooth. It is rich in detail, the quality I like, and no apparent distortion my ear can hear. The treble is sparkling, but not as sparkling as Sennheiser IE800. It is smooth also, but not as smooth as Ety ER.4PT. The mids.. it has neutral quality. Quite raw but not as raw as Grado GR10 or Ocharaku Kuro 2. It is more like in between raw and refined, but tend to the raw end. Final Audio Heaven VIII dan Sony XBA4 are clearly more refined. What I like most about Aurisonics Rockets is the neutral and rather raw sound signature. The bass has a good punch and texture but lowest freqs are missing. It is clear that this is not for basshead. You can use it to analyze your favorite tunes. Listening to hi-res Bad remastered-album by MJ, the bass in Speed Demon was fast and very well-textured. The other tunes were more engaging and revealed details like heard from Senn IE800 or my CIEM JH. My conclusion, Aurisonics Rockets is very good IEM, worth more than the price!"[/COLOR][/COLOR]


xaddictionx's review:

Low ends on the rockets are nicely done. Bass ain't overwhelming nor lacking. Bass hits with authority just reaching sub bass region before it starts to roll off at around 35-40Hz. The bass is extremely tight and fast with short decay. Bass texture is very good and sounds full, however not a bass head choice of phones.

Mids are the limelight of the show here. The rockets retain the house sound signature of Aurisonics mids and vocals. The rockets could pose off as slightly mid centric whilst still retaining a balanced sound tilting towards flat or neutral response. Vocals are very well done here easily outshining sets such as SE535Ltd. Vocals sound really lush and intimate putting you right up next to the vocalist. You can practically hear every ounce of the singer's breath and the "rawness" in it. Vocals here does resemble the ASG2 which is highly regarded for its presentation of mids and vocals. Both male and female vocals sound excellent out from the rockets. Instruments separation is superb as well, with each instrument having air and space in between them and layered in a manner that it can be picked up quite easily from the rest. String instruments sound extremely crisp as well. However, due to the fast nature of the driver and short decay, it seems to have a toll on the timbre of the instruments. Though the vocals are presented in a forward fashion, soundstage of the rockets is surprisingly good, beating its elder brother the ASG2. The rockets is able to achieve a wide soundstage with very good imaging and depth.

Highs and treble extension on the rockets is extremely linear though not as smooth as sets such as the Westone 4. The rockets can go bright on certain occasions depending on your setup and tracks used. It achieves impeccable clarity reaching the level of Hifiman RE272 but not as bright and sharp as the T-Peos H300. Due to the nature of the low end, the rockets have excellent detail retrieval capabilities and clarity which bests the ASG2. Instruments such as cymbals and snares does suffer slightly due to the fast nature of the driver resulting in very short decay.

Overall, the rockets are tuned more to a flat and neutral sound signature whilst retaining the Aurisonics trademark mids and vocals. It is not a dark or warm sounding phone but rather balanced sounding. Bass is extremely tight and fast which focuses more on quality than on quantity. Timbre wise, the rockets takes a hit here due to the fast nature of the driver.[/COLOR]

Comparison with ASG2:
Placed aside its elder brother the ASG2, it does sound bass light in comparison. That doesn't mean the rockets is bass light but the ASG2 focuses more on heavy thumping bass with a slight bump in the mid bass region. The rockets on the other hand, has much lesser mid bass bump with sub bass just touching around 40Hz packed with rocket speed.

Mids is where the fun begins. Mids in the rockets is simply nothing short of amazing. With side by side comparison with ASG2, it does sound pretty similar. Probably the ASG2 takes a slight edge here due to its warmer sounding signature and longer decay which increases the naturalness of vocals. However, it is worth noting that such a small driver in the rockets can churn out comparable mids with the ASG2 and easily beating SE535Ltd. Soundstaging is also slightly larger compared to the ASG2 probably due to the tamed nature of its low end.

The rockets does have better clarity and slightly better details retrieval due to lesser bass impact and a more linear and present treble extension. Timbre wise, the ASG2 is hard to beat.

Comparison with UE900:
The UE900 is another set of monitor that does not have a huge amount of low end coupled to it though it does have 2 dedicated drivers to take the role of lows. The UE900 is also a balanced sounding phone leaning more towards a flat response. Low ends on both rockets and UE900 seemed comparable with the rockets having a fuller sounding low end with a rounder bass impact. However, the UE900 does dig deeper than rockets especially when coupled with an amp. With the right setup, the bass on UE900 can be very fulfilling.

MIds on the UE900 can often be hindered with a slight veil or clouding. Vocals on UE900 is portrayed very well with just the right distance away from the singer sounding very natural too. The rockets makes the singer comes "alive" and making the UE900 sound slightly recessed. Note that this is only apparent when placed beside the rockets. Details on UE900 is typical of a BA driver with excellent touch and presentation. However, the rockets does have more air and space between instruments making it sound more on-stage.

Highs are comparable on both sets with UE900 sounding smoother and slightly further extension. The rockets does have better clarity and can be brighter than the UE900 on certain occasions.

Comparison with T-Peos H300:
These are two very different sounding sets of IEMs. With the H300 taking on both extreme ends of lows and highs. The H300 is a really special sounding phones with simply jaw dropping low end which destroys sub bass impact of ASG2 and even besting the SE846 which sports a woofer like bass. Bass impact is no fight here with H300 taking home brilliant sub bass impact, quality, quantity and texture. Nothing i have heard has come close to H300 bass performance with only SE846 coming near.

Treble extension wise, H300 achieves a further extension than rockets. But that comes with a cost. The H300 treble can be intolerable at times due to a treble spike which can also cause vocal sibilence. With that said, H300 is a bright sounding phone even when compared to Hifiman RE272. Details and clarity takes over the edge of rockets. But i do find that the rockets strikes a better balance than the H300. Clarity and brightness is done better on rockets than on H300.

MIds wise, no questions asked and rockets takes home the win pretty easily. Due to the emphasized low end and treble, the mids and vocals on H300 takes a back seat. Listening to vocals on H300 is like listening to a recording. It just simply lost the touch to make the music comes alive as opposed to rockets and ASG2.

With the comparisons done, i would say that the rockets are simply a brilliant offering from Aurisonics. However, microphonics can be unbearable at times (i have no idea on how to use the anti loop as the cable does not seem to stay on when placed over the ear).
The rockets is definitely a very good compliment to the ASG2 with UE900 taking the middle seat working well with almost all genres.


HiFlight's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"I did find vocals to be quite realistic and this seemed to me to be the best part of the overall SQ. Imaging did not seem to have much depth or focus. Although it might be a bit harsh to say this, I found them to be rather uninvolving overall when compared to some of the other IEM's in my collection."[/COLOR]


DatGuy's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA][COLOR=FF00AA]"comparing with my asg2.5:

- Aurisonic house sound vocals, smooth, lush and intimate
- bass, of course its much more polite, but its fast and detailed. Very high quality bass. (The quantity might take a while to to adjust after using the 2.5s for a while)
- Treble, non-fatiguing. Wont say much about this since anyone who read my 2.5 impressions on that thread knows im not a treblehead, as long as its not fatiguing im all good.
-sound stage and imaging are superb, might even top the 2.5."


gyx11's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"The Aurisonic Rockets have a very unique sound signature, reminding me somewhat of a fusion between the smooth treble of the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore and the silkiness of the SE535 midrange + Ostry KC06 forwardness. Bass quantity is slightly on the weak side, even with a good seal, but reaches deep and has nice balance between sub and midbass."[/COLOR]


audionewbi's impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"I certainly see why rocket has won so much love, it is incredibly well tuned and it can easily win a battle against IE800 at ease. Sadly like IE800 I am having a fit issue. Tip rolling begins!"[/COLOR]


Tyll's (@innerfidelity) brief impressions:

[COLOR=FF00AA]" I enjoyed them quite a bit. Their presentation is neutral and clear, I might have like 2dB more bass below 120Hz, but won't know for sure 'til I do some serious comparative listening and measurements. Bottom line: things are sounding pretty good to me so far."


Raisedbywolves brief impressions:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"soundwise, i'm still trying to get used to the transition from my tenores to these but based on first impressions: require a little more volume to drive them, bass is slightly less in volume but seems quicker, mids are really good, vocals are rendered very well, treble seems a touch softer? but i feel like instrument timbre is better overall on these than the tenores from the songs i've listened to so far"[/COLOR]


Lieon's Review:

[COLOR=FF00AA]" I am very pleased with my purchase. Not only do the Rockets sound good, they're also durable. If I could add anything to them, it would be a greater extension on both the lows and highs, but hey, you can't have everything right? Their non-fatiguing character allows for an enjoyable listen especially for vocals. These are now my go-to earphones when i'm active on the go. I was told that the best earphone is the one you have with you all the time - and I think the Rockets qualify for this."


soundstige's Review:

[COLOR=FF00AA]" The Rockets, overall, are detail kings especially in range between 200-8000 Hz. Their physical durability is absolutely top-notch and I couldn't ask for better. The MSRP in my opinion is very fair, especially considering their performance and the warranty you get. For many people, the Rockets may literally be “the last headphone you ever need to buy”, for both their sound quality and the amount of thought that was put into their design and manufacture. ."


Six-way IEM shootout: IE800 <> Rockets <> e-Q8 <> RE600 <> Tenore <> GR10

[COLOR=FF00AA]"Rockets are a fantastic addition to the high-end IEM world, a little bass-light in comparison to the others here and best suited for mid/high volume in my book, but otherwise a winner which offers easily the best build quality of all contenders."

Valens7's Impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"I was fortunate enough to come into possession of the Aurisonics ROCKETS recently, and, I'm pleased to report, I am very much enjoying what I have been hearing out of these tiny tubes! When I made my purchase, I was hoping for an IEM that approximated the FitEar F111, albeit with a somewhat darker sound that was less sensitive to fit-related issues. The ROCKETS, near as I can tell, have delivered on that expectation.

Comfort and build quality is top notch, and they sound absolutely great out of my iPhone 5. I haven't done much testing with my pico Power as yet, but the improvements with dedicated amplification seem to be relatively modest. I look forward to reporting more in-depth observations when I am able. My early impression of these IEMs, however, is overwhelmingly positive. For the money, I think that they're an absolute steal!"


james444's Impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"And for good reason, I must say, as the Rockets' mids are up there with the very best I've heard. There has been some discussion about whether these phones can be considered high-end... not that it really matters, but I personally haven't heard mids that I'd rate superior to these, from any earphone, at any price range."[/COLOR]

tusing's Impression:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"a fitting replacement for my GR07 BE's, if a tiny bit bass light. Getting an ear fit is slightly difficult, but manageable after a bit of practice. I use Antiloops.

As I'm not a basshead, it doesn't matter to me much at all.

Nice clean, balanced, detailed sound.

Just 2 complaints so far:

1) The wire near the housing has no strain relief and looks prone to ripping
2) One of my antiloops did not have the plastic shaved off perfectly, so it sorta scrapes against my ear and hurts

Conclusions so far: I like these."[/COLOR]


mejoshua's comparison - Noble 4 Universal:

[COLOR=FF00AA]"I recently heard a Noble 4 universal and I had my Rockets on hand. First impressions of the N4 were that they were a different take on neutral. Compared to the Rockets, they were brighter with more treble energy (also possibly more fatiguing over long listening durations). I had some issues with the treble though - they sounded splashy with slow decay - which was strange after reading pretty good reviews of it. There is definitely more bass quantity on the N4 and the Rockets' bass might sound a little anemic in comparison but to my ears the Rockets' bass is pretty spot on in terms of both quality and quantity with a good fit. The Rockets are a slighty "darker" take on neutral, if you will. The mids on both are comparable, but i think the Rockets edge the N4 out a little with the vocal centric sig. I may be biased but i love how vocals and back up singers are "front and center". I'm guessing with a custom fit the Nobles should sound better than my impressions e.g. shouldn't have the treble issue. Because of the Rockets' darker neutral take there may be slightly less perceived clarity, and also, if you like more bass, the Rockets might not be a good enough choice. Lovely for vocals though - which is the meat of most of the stuff i listen to. Lastly, the Rockets are pretty microphonic when not worn over the ear. People have had issues with wearing over the ear too. You'd probably want to take that into consideration... Hope this helps!"[/COLOR]



Final Thoughts:


"I really don't mean to add to the hyperbole fire, but Rockets really are the best phones I've ever owned.

It's about 10pm here, and I have my X5 set to shuffle, with the Rockets plugged. Not only do the Rockets extract every detail, but they preserve the emotion in the music. I've been getting quite a few PMs about the Rockets vs the Etymotic iems. I'll do a more detailed comparison later when my schedule, but I really don't think it's much of a contest. Where the Etys (stock filters) sounded forced and relatively anemic to me - especially the ER4S - the Rockets maintain integrity even where the ER4S fails. It manages to extract more detail than the ER4S without that godforsaken 2K spike known to infest the Ety line :)p). Plus there's actual bass. Damned good bass too.

As I was typing this, John Mayer's I'm Gonna Find Another You started playing. Oh my God. I've yet to hear a phone other than this that is so adept at using detail to create atmosphere and musicality. Most I've heard are either detail freaks, or they use boosted frequencies here and there to create a musical signature. The Rockets feel more like a drink of cool spring water."

I'm in love with the Rockets for the same reason I fell in love with the SR-009 when I first heard it. Transparency. There's nothing between me and my music, which makes me very happy. It's like you buy all this gear so that you don't hear any devices. The Rockets hit that for me. Of course, the SR-009 takes it to another level...but to get that from a tiny micro driver phone named and shaped like a almost makes me sad."


"I'm a bit late to the party but i've had my Rockets for about 6 weeks now and the more I've used them the more they have grown on me.
I don't have much experience with good ear buds and the only other ear buds I have used in the past year or so are the Phiaton BTNC 210s so I won't waste anyone's time with any sort of long winded comparisons other than to say these are by far the best sounding ear-buds I've ever owned. Especially now that I don't have any fit issues.

At first I found them a bit hard to put in and not always the most comfortable but now I can pop them right in without any fiddling and wear them for hours on end and hardly even notice them. And as an added plus, the same holds true when I roll on my side if wearing them in bed.

For the past few days I've been spending a lot of time streaming various stuff through Tidal Hi-Fi and find them to work quite well for all genres. Last night I was listening to a nice acoustic playlist and the Rockets sounded sublime. I don't really have the vocabulary to give a proper review but the presentation of the likes of MIA and Iron and Wine was very intimate and every pluck of a guitar string was easily heard.
San Amidon's Lilly-O through the Rockets is a spine tingling experience.

With 2 little ones in the house (1 & 4.5) I really appreciate the nigh-indestructable build.

I have backed a ton of Kickstarter/Indiegogo Projects (61 to date) and the Rockets are the one of the few products to really exceed my expectations."

"They're just what you say you want - even more detailed than my IE800s, with a more realistic soundstage and fantastic imaging. Really impressive at any price, and at what they cost, amazing."
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Looks dynamic microdriver-based. Even though it could possibly be Knowles SR, I doubt it's BA, because Aurisonics doesn't like them. They were already very reluctant to use BAs on the AS/ASG-2. Doesn't matter, though. If it's a low-cost model (which it should be), a dynamic microdriver is better for cost/performance ratio. This thing looks like it can rival the ACS T15 (a.k.a. Dynamic Ear Company DS-11) in size. But there's already something smaller (just not marketed by anyone yet).
Dec 8, 2013 at 4:35 PM Post #5 of 3,446
And seems to be non removable cable
Dec 8, 2013 at 5:00 PM Post #7 of 3,446
Is this an IEM or a hearing protection related device?

Looks probable, like so many constructors as Etymotic, EarSonics, Westone...
Dec 8, 2013 at 6:23 PM Post #9 of 3,446
No, you guys have it all wrong. It's OBVIOUSLY some sort of  deep sea exploration device, as evidenced by the oxygen line going into the engine compartment, and the revolutionary clear propulsion system. It also seems to be inspired by the male anatomy as well, given the strikingly phallic shape of the main body that gives rise to two distinct projections.
I can't wait to put it in my ears.
Dec 10, 2013 at 5:28 AM Post #12 of 3,446
...That stuff belongs in Area 51.

I'm surprised that it's even leaked into the public. 

Anyways it said that they're holding a competition on facebook where whoever can guess the right driver configuration, can win one of two of their pre-released version of their new firearms. 
Dec 10, 2013 at 5:36 AM Post #13 of 3,446
  No, you guys have it all wrong. It's OBVIOUSLY some sort of  deep sea exploration device, as evidenced by the oxygen line going into the engine compartment, and the revolutionary clear propulsion system. It also seems to be inspired by the male anatomy as well, given the strikingly phallic shape of the main body that gives rise to two distinct projections.
I can't wait to put it in my ears.

LOL you dirty, dirty man.

I, for one, really hope this isn't an earplug of sorts - hope it's a great new IEM!

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