Aurisonics Bravo Series Harmony
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Apr 9, 2012
Anyone else getting the upcoming Aurisonics flagship?

  1. Driver: Custom 9.25 mm precision rare-earth dynamic + dual HDBA tweeter

  1. 3D printed, Digital Hybrid Technology shell fits 95% of ears like a custom

  1. Cable: Detachable MMCXi silver-plated low oxygen copper cable

  1. Frequency Response: 8Hz to 24kHz

  1. Sensitivity: 123dB @ 1mW

  1. Impedance: 18 ohm +/- 10% @ 1kHz

  1. Noise Attenuation: NRR 22dB

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Very likely, yes! Although I'm not crazy about picking up a gold-colored unit. I'd prefer to wait until Aurisonics begins selling it officially, as there'll hopefully be more color options available at that point.
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Aurisonics is shipping the Bravo Series. There is no thoughts of any different colors on the series. They're in such a panic to catch up with the current back orders, that's the last thing on their mind. The entire line has done incredibly well in Europe and Asia. The new Bravo Series was designed more for US markets (and our tighter budgets). Turns out, the Asian market dis this series too. Hence the slow to ship. There is stock at several dealers around the country. Here's a couple.
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I don't doubt that Aurisonics is shipping units, that much is plain to see.
 But the fact remains that Aurisonics has yet to formally list the Bravo series for sale on its website! Which is definitely a bit confusing, as reviews have already begun to roll in. My hope is that, when they do, it'll be possible to exchange the faceplates of the Harmony, Forte, and Kicker on request. Specifically, I'd love a Harmony with the Forte's "default" red faceplate.
Admittedly, this may not pan out. And I'll certainly be disappointed if that's the case. The Harmony's gold color is very attractive, but, well, it doesn't go with anything else that I have! I'm a total nerd for aesthetic coordination, ha ha. 

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Heh, right?
 I'm a bit anxious about trying out the Harmony, as I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my third-party cable reterminated for use with its proprietary (?) earphone connectors!
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Same here. That'll be a tough hurdle for Aurisonics to clear. The 1Plus has become my gold-standard listening device, and it's managed to fend off quite a few comers. If anyone can pull off an improvement, though, it's (obviously) Mr. Lott and his crew!

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