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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, May 7, 2017.
  1. grizzlybeast
    • Excellent balance
    • Good dynamics
    • Very versatile and sounds good with a wide range of headphones
    • Lovely build
    • Taut and punchy bass
    • The amplifier can have slight hum depending on the headphone used. Mainly high impedance ones but when music is playing it goes away. The Kennerton Odin has no hum and the Meze classics have hardly any where as the HD650 and Atticus do. Edit: the amplifier is very sensitive to power quality. Hum is a non issue now.
    • Slight haziness in the treble

    The Auris is one punchy and controlled piece of gear that scores very high in most aspects. I recommend it. If anyone else gets one I would like to hear their thoughts of it.
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  2. Topspin70
    This is a absolutely beautiful looking amp. And sounds awesome too seeing your review. But the hum reminds me of the Leben CS300XS which I wanted so much but hesitant to get. Me owning the high impedance HD800S didn't help either sadly.
  3. Zephuros
    Hey gbeast, have you ever tried the HA2 SE with the LCD-2?
  4. grizzlybeast
    Sorry for the late response. The new site doesn't automatically subscribe you to a thread you create.

    I have not tried it but I imagine it to be a good pairing
  5. waveSounds
    This one's got my interest piqued. Only learned of it's existence yesterday after reading your review of it, which incidentally, was before searching for this thread.

    I want a better tube experience than my Little Dot MKII. You don't mention pairing it with the Elear in your review, but can you imagine the two would have decent synergy?
  6. grizzlybeast
    I haven't heard it with the Elear but I couldnt imagine a bad pairing with this amplifier unless you try an HE-6 or super hard to power ortho. It even does okay with orthos.

    I highly recommend this amplifier.
  7. Kristy Song
    The HA 2 SE & the HEADONIA are officially in Singapore. Drop by Zeppelin & Co. to test them out with your favourite headphones.

    We've tried the FOCAL Utopia, KENNERTON Odin, HIFIMAN HE1000v2, SENNHEISER HD800 & HD800S today and they were absolutely beautiful. The HA 2 SE is a winner in price to performance ratio, not to mention the stunning looks.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
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  8. marcusd
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  9. AlanU
    Odd how little people talk about this amp. For a tube amp I find the soundstage to be very wide and dynamic. Totally a kick back and have pure enjoyment sound session!!

    I'm considering this amp!! Very large size for my desk though.....
  10. naynay
    How did you resolve the Hum Issue did you use a mains conditioner and if so what model?

  11. teknorob23
    Just about to pull the trigger on a Feliks audio euphoria and saw your review of the Auris and would love to know if you've heard the Euphoria and if so if you have any thoughts on how they compare. thanks rob:)
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  12. marcusd
    Sadly I can't as Mike did the review for the Euphoria and we do not have one here to compare directly. Sorry I cannot be of more help. However, I can tell you about them both end of March at CanJam where I can test both but not sure if you can wait that long.
  13. teknorob23
    Hi Marcus, Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. I’ve demo'd the euphoria with my h2 and elegias and it was one of those rare moments of audiophile epiphany where a single piece of kit changes everything. I listened to the Elise first as this was closer to my planned budget, but as hard as i tried not to ignore the euphoria's presence in the rack next door, i couldnt resist and as i say i'm in the end i'm glad i didnt, because it was night and day better in every department. This is the sort of improvement im used to Chord charging me double for (h2 £2K < TT2 £4k < Dave £8K). The only downside i could find is the 3-4 week lead time to get one built, that and how dry my H2 has sounded since i got home. Despite this i was about to pull the trigger and when i stumbled into another wormhole with your Auris review.. Apart from its desk dominating physic, the addition of a remote, extra lines-in and its £150 smaller price tag, had me on the phone trying to find one to try. To cut what is quickly becoming a long story short, the nearest one is scotland and i'm on london, so a demo is not looking likely, so i'll probably go with my ears unless i can find someone to offer me compelling reason not too. And of course your right, waiting until march with rasping Hugo is to close to an eternity for me to hold out. :wink: :)
  14. Ultrainferno

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