Auris “Amplify” Bluetooth 5.0 DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by CardigdanWalk, Jun 8, 2018.
  1. CardigdanWalk
    So I missed out on the Radsone EarStudio ES100 Kickstarter and ended up paying full price, so since then I’ve been keeping a better eye on anything new coming up and caught this one today!

    Auris Amplify Bluetooth 5.0 DAC


    To save you time, the cheesy video ain’t worth watching but there are a few interesting specs:

    - Bluetooth 5.0
    - Hi-Fi 32bit DAC

    For me the negatives are:

    - no 2.5mm balances port
    - it looks like it is going to hit 100k and switch from Micro USB to usb C, which would mean lugging around another cable!


    Has anyone backed it?
    Would Bluetooth 5.0 make a difference with more bandwidth to have better quality audio!
    Does 32 bit audio make a difference if you don’t have the right source of music to start?

    I’m a bit tempted to pick one up, just in case it does turn it to be amazing like the Radsone Earstudio, but I’m so weary of Kickstarter campaigns to be honest!
  2. dosley01

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