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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jtwrace, Apr 30, 2014.
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  1. PAM005
    I don't think you have to wait that long :wink: - it's a very pro-active company!
  2. Zoom25
    Are there any comparisons on Aries vs. Aries LE? I haven't read one comparison yet.
  3. goldendarko
    any word on iPhone support for Lightning DS? I had read it was supposed to be Oct 2014 in an Audiostream review. Don't own an iPad is the reason I ask.
  4. Zoom25
    Did the Aries end up getting Spotify support?
  5. goldendarko
    I think it does, well I read it has TIDAL support, so I would imagine it has Spotify support too.
  6. aksh
    Nope. No Spotify support.
  7. filuS
    Does anyone have a problem updating Aries firmware? In March I updated to v2.2 without any problems, using Android version of Lightning DS. 2 weeks I noticed 2.4 is already out, and eventhough everything's fine I wanted to update. But for 2 weeks I am unable to do so, it always acts like my firmware is up to date. I contacted support, which responded pretty quickly, offered few solutions, but nothing worked so far.
    If there is anyone having troubles updating, here is what support usually suggests:
     - if you are running on ethernet connection, switch to WiFi and try updating (they said that v2.2 had a weird bug that it would not see new versions on their server under certain circumstances)
     - if that does not work, disconnect ethernet cable, do a factory reset (at the bottom), keep it on wifi and try updating then
     - if that does not help, they will probably ask for the serial number and check logs
    Right now I am stuck in-after step 3, they are checking the logs. However, it's been 2 weeks without a response - maybe one of you had similar problem and managed to find a solution?
  8. allimac
    We have an Auralic Aries hooked up to our MAC 6700 with Rockport Atria speakers. The difference between sound on the wireless to wired is significant, the wireless is far superior, and I can't understand why that would be the case. In fact, if I had to use wired I would actually look for a different bridge from our music to our DAC. Any ideas?
  9. santacore
    I just got my Aries and picked up a Synology NAS to go with it. Any tips from Mac users regarding setting up the Synology? Any tips for transferring my really large library from my firewire drive?
  10. Revogamer
    Install minimserver on the synology there will make your life a lot easier :)
  11. Zoom25

    I remember they were planning on supporting Spotify. Did they ditch the project or are they still considering it?
  12. goldendarko
    Hmm, the new mini looks pretty interesting...
  13. WilCox Contributor
    +1.  A likely replacement for my various Squeezeboxes throughout the house, assuming that the Mini Aries (and Aries) can all be synced to play well together.
  14. santacore
    I got the Synology up and running last night. I tried to connect my current(iTunes) library which is on an external drive via USB directly to the Synology. The drive showed up in the Synology software as USB something, but I couldn't get it to recognize files or transfer anything. What's the best way to transfer my 2TB+ library that is on a Thunderbolt/USB drive to the Synology? Any tips would very much be appreciated.
    and yeah, that mini looks interesting....
  15. masmole

    I remember Mr.Wang saying something about Spotify restricting access to streaming content to Spotify's own proprietary apps only, which made 3rd party solutions impossible.
    However, I believe you can still stream Spotify music via Airplay or Songcast, the latter having arguably better SQ.  You still won't be able to navigate your Spotify library/account directly from the Lightning DS app, but better than nothing.
    I know, bummer.   Tidal supposedly works seamlessly though via the Lightning DS app.   As a Spotify user since the US launch, I'm disappointed.... and this is the only thing that has kept me from buying an Aries so far (and I know it's not Auralic's fault).   I'm almost tempted to get a Tidal subscription in addition to Spotify just so I can use it with the Lightning DS app :)
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