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Aune X1S vs Schiit Magni3+Modi U

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by 0pethian, Oct 28, 2017.
  1. 0pethian
    Okay I'm living in a country which is practically next door to China but I can't get every good Chinese goods or else I would have NFB -R2R-11/NFB-11 by now
    So in the end I'm limited to what's avail on Amazon or AliExpress.
    I has Magni2 which I sold out to make room for either a new Schiit stack or AuneX1s or AuneX7+SMSL SANSKRIT.
    So anyone here who can put things in better perspective. One of the reasons of selling Magni2 n not building a Schiit stack was wires. Don't like so much cluttering and AuneX1s is the only candidate I can narrow down or else a portable DAC+amp like Xduoo XD05 will be best bet for a portable n clean desktop solution for my laptop.

    Out of all these, which is best value for money. Headphones I own are quite efficient but can sing better with better devices.
    1. Sennheiser 598 C's
    2. Beyerdynamics DT990 250ohms
    3. Hifiman HE400i

    So if I am spending upto $230 then which is best value for money n is relatively cleaner setup

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